Been into American cars since the mid 1970's thanks to Hollywood.
Bought and partially restored my first American car, a 1974 Firebird with the i6 engine, in 1993.
Sold the '74 in 1995 and bought a 1978 T/A clone with the 400 V8. I restored/modified this car until it's sale in 2005. In 2003 I bought a 1997 T/A that I modified to the extreme and that was probably one of the best handling 4th gen's outside the US. I sold this in 2013 and bought a 2002 Corvette z06. Unfortunately, my experience with the CCCUK really spoilt the Corvette experience and along with a lust for my first love, the 2nd gen Trans-Am, I sold the Z06 in June 2015 and bought a 1979 10th Anniversary Trans Am - rolling project in progress!
I also rebuilt and maintain my wife's 1988 Fiero GT.

American cars
Swindon, UK
IT Manager


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