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Two-time F1 Champion will pilot McLaren chassis with Chevrolet engine in the 2019 Indianapolis 500.While racing champion Fernando Alonso is best known for his efforts in Formula 1, in recent years he has been testing himself in different forms of racing, as well. Brief stints in endurance racing, and IndyCar, in 2017 proved that he is no one-hit wonder. Now, for 2019, Alonso is returning to IndyCar, but with a big change.Much like the end of his F1 career, Alonso ran the famed Indianapolis 500 in a McLaren-branded race car, fielded by Andretti Autosport. In practice, qualifying and even in the beginning of the race, Alonso was one of the fastest drivers in the field. He led the start of the race for 27 straight laps. Experts believed he was in contention for a podium finish, and even, possibly, an outright victory. However, as the race neared completion, his Honda engine failed, and he was forced to retire.Now, Alonso and McLaren are back, and this time they’re using Chevrolet power to propel them to victory. Think this is an odd couple? Think again. Chevrolet and McLaren teamed up in Can-Am racing back in the ’60s, with massive success, so there is some heritage involved. Additionally, and, crucially, unlike the Honda power unit, Chevrolet’s IndyCar engine has proven itself to be bulletproof, and fast. Chevrolet has claimed the IndyCar manufacturer championship, and powered the winner of the driver’s championship every year since it’s debut in 2012. Additionally, Chevrolet claims that 2.2-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine has claimed 73 victories out of 118 total races, since that 2012 debut, which is very impressive.The 2019 Indianapolis 500 is taking place on Sunday, May 26, 2019, and practice begins Tuesday, May 14. Rest assured, all eyes will be on Alonso, McLaren and Chevrolet. This is one race that can’t be missed.Join the LS1tech forums today!Tags: Chevrolet, Engine, IndyCar

Date written: December 5, 2018

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