Written by Patrick Morgan

Some things are best said without words. As is usually the case, Camaro owners find themselves as “family” in this vast community of cars.One thing about the Camaro is that it’s never a car that you settle for. It’s never a car that you just decide to buy based on finance rates or an MSRP. It’s a car you have specifically chosen to buy. That’s why they create such a bond among owners.It may be one of those cars that you’ve always promised yourself, or it may be a car that you knew was different, and better from the rest. Either way, it was the car for you. And that’s why it is so uniting.From the gutsy 4-cylinder turbo Camaro all the way to the thunderous supercharged V8, there’s something in there for anyone, and at any price range. Chevy offers trim levels of the Camaro as attainable as $25,905. Add more power with a V6, even more with a V8, and even more with a supercharged V8. Of all the pony cars on the market today, only the Camaro has this wide variety of flavors.Even though this ad from Chevrolet focuses on the newest Alpha-platform Camaros, we know the respect between generations transcends platforms and car generations.A big thank you to West Coast Camaro Club for making this advertisement in conjunction with Chevy. We really feel that it shows how everyone from different walks of life are united by one red, white and blue crest.Follow @pmorganracingTags: camaro, ownership

Date written: March 13, 2018

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