Written by Patrick Rall

This bonanza of high performance Chevrolet street races was originally posted in the Kill Stories section by KFC_Or_Bust. The video features three different C6 Corvette Z06, and a pair of Camaros duking it out on the open road, with the Vettes handing out a handful of beatings.The competitorsThis video comes to us from the KFCorBust YouTube channel and it begins by giving us a quick walk around of some of the competitors. The first camera car is a C6 Corvette Z06 with heads/cam/intake/tune, the second camera car is another C6 Z06 with heads/cam/intake/tune/gears. The other two racers previewed are a C6 Z06 with heads/cam/intake and a 4th gen Camaro with a turbocharged 5.3L V8. There is also a 5th gen Camaro SS 1LE with an LSA supercharger, but we don"t get a preview of that Chevy muscle car.The racing actionThe racing begins with the 600rwhp Corvette Z06 taking on the Camaro SS with the LSA supercharger, with the C6 taking the easy win. The second video has the same Corvette carrying the camera against the silver ‘Vette from the intro with no mention of horsepower. Our camera car once again walks away in a hurry.The third race pits the "NAAZTY" Corvette with 620rwhp against the turbocharged 4th gen Camaro that allegedly has 700rwhp, with the action being captured from the same camera car as the first two races. Unfortunately, the Camaro runs into boost issues and the Corvette in the far lane blows it away, followed by a race between the two strongest Z06s, with NAAZTY taking another win.Finally, the last racing action is filmed from inside of the NAAZTY Corvette Z06 as it pummels the turbocharged Camaro back-to-back. As we learn in the preview of the vehicles, the turbo Camaro tore a coupler and lost power, which was why it was beaten so badly in every race.Tags: 4th gen Camaro, 5th Gen Camaro, c6, Corvette, Kill Stories, Z06

Date written: February 6, 2018

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