Written by Patrick Rall

This burnout carnage comes to us from the YouTube channel of GreenLightFilming, and it features an early model C4 Corvette participating in a burnout competition. We don"t have any details on the car, but we know that this tire slaying shootout was held at the 2013 Garfield Time Trials in Duluth, Minnesota. What we do know is that the burnout didn"t end as smoothly as this Corvette owner had hoped.C4 in the burnout boxThis video begins with the Chevrolet Corvette ready to make a run at the burnout competition title in Duluth. While we don"t get any details on the car, it appears to be an early C4 model, which means that it is likely came from the factory with an L98 V8 with somewhere in the area of 245 horsepower and 345lb-ft of torque. However, this Corvette sounds pretty great during the burnout, so it is possible that the engine has been upgraded a bit.As soon as the burnout begins, this C4 Corvette gets the tires spinning hard and within a few seconds, smoke is pouring from the rear tires. About 35 seconds into the video, the smoke is so thick that we can no longer see the car, but we can hear the engine roar as the automatic transmission goes back and forth between two gears.Good burnout gone badAfter a minute, the judge pulls the cord out of the driver"s hand to signal the end of time, at which point the burnout stops and the smoke clears. Just as the Corvette rolls out of the burnout box, the camera zooms in on a bit of fluid leaking from under the front end of the car. Spectators surmise that it is overheating, but as the car moves out away from the competition area, we can see a ton of antifreeze pouring from under the car.Hopefully it was only an overheating issue, but the amount of antifreeze running from under this C4 Corvette and the amount of steam pouring from around the edges of the hood suggest that it could have been something more severe. In any case, this 1980s Corvette put on one hell of a great smoke show, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!Tags: burnout, Burnout Fridays, c4 corvette, L98

Date written: January 30, 2018

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