Written by Patrick Rall

This burnout video comes to us from the Johnny Costa YouTube channel and features a bright red 4th generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am smoking its tires in what appears to be a burnout competition. The video details explain that this footage was captured at FL2K 2017, an annual festival of the area"s fastest street cars. In addition to the drag racing program and a car show, participants have a chance to show off how well they can smoke their tires. In this case, a later 4th gen Trans Am is in the burnout box and it puts on a hell of a show.The only details on this Firebird is that it is powered by a 5.3L engine, which seems unlikely. This should be an LS1 car, and while it is possible that the owner swapped a 5.3L, the odds are better that the person who posted the video just didn"t know what size engine was under the hood. Perhaps the owner swapped in a truck motor, but it certainly doesn"t sound like a worn-out powerplant from a junkyard.As soon as the video begins, this F-Body begins to smoke the rear tires hard, quickly spraying smoke out the back of the bright red 90s muscle car. We can see that there are some non-matching wheels, likely wrapped in cheaper (and older) tires. Regardless of which engine is providing the motivation, this Firebird sounds great while roasting the tires. Although the engine RPMs occasionally dip a little low, this Pontiac Firebird driver does a great job of smoking the tires for nearly 60 seconds. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!Tags: 4th gen firebird, Burnout Fridays, ls1, Pontiac, Trans Am

Date written: January 26, 2018

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