Written by Patrick Rall

This burnout action via drone comes to us from the YouTube channel of Ryan Litt, and it features a murdered-out 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS doing a big, smoky burnout. This burnout footage alone would be worthy of a minute of our time, but this video benefits from the popularity of drone footage. As more and more of these helicopter-style cameras reach the hands of automotive enthusiasts, we are seeing a wide variety of angles of things like burnouts, and this clip is a shining example.The tire-slaying action in the video above features a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS from GoPro camera on the ground and a 3DR Solo Drone camera in the air. There are no details on the car, but it has 5th gen 1LE wheels (although it doesn"t appear to have the 1LE matte black hood) and it sounds like it is fitted with the 6-speed manual transmission. Based on the roar of the engine, it might have some exhaust work as well, or maybe it just naturally sounds this good.As the video begins, the Camaro carefully stages near the GoPro on the ground and when the driver gets the "ok" from the drone operator, the burnout fun begins. At first, it takes a couple of seconds for the tires to begin to smoke, but as the video jumps to the aerial view, the muscle car is making clouds. A few seconds into the burnout, the driver lets the car inch forward, keeping both rear tires ablaze as the Camaro raced off into the sunset.Finally, the last 20 seconds or so shows the Camaro SS doing a smoky donut from the drove"s perspective, pausing in the middle to really let the rear tires liquefy a little.Tags: 5th Gen Camaro, Burnout Fridays, camaro, Camaro SS, LS3

Date written: January 22, 2018

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