Written by Patrick Rall

This isn’t your normal drag race, and it’s not your average drag racing vehicle. It takes a bit different direction than usual, as rather than a Camaro or Corvette speeding down a paved quarter mile, we are featuring a Chevy dirt drag truck racing in the mud. The video was posted on YouTube by Daniel Wheeley, who has uploaded this clip of the LS-powered Chevy dirt racer in action.There are no details on the truck itself, but based on the dash, it looks like my grandpa"s old 1975 Chevy pickup. But from this perspective, it is impossible to know for sure what it going on around the outside of the truck. However, we do know about the engine, which sends its power to the wheels via an automatic transmission topped by a Hurst Quarter Stick.Under the hood is a 5.3L LS V8 with a custom grind Bullet camshaft, an 850cfm carb, a Nitrous Outlet stinger plate setup to add around 250 horsepower, an Edelbrock intake manifold, an MSD 6LS ignition setup and a tune for E85. Everything else in the engine is stock, so this is essentially a 5.3L LS engine with a carbureted induction setup and a whole lot of nitrous, but this engine makes enough power to get the Chevy dirt drag truck down the 300-foot track in a hurry.After carefully staging against another Chevy truck from the 70s or 80s, the LS-powered machine launches on green and the driver quickly shifts, working hard to keep the truck pointed straight as it blasts down the mud-lined track. The truck in the right lane gets the win, but this video offers a unique chance to ride along with a powerful dirt drag truck while in action.Crank up your speakers and enjoy!Tags: Chevrolet, Chevy, dirt drags, Drag Race, drag race monday

Date written: November 10, 2017

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