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The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the best handling modern muscle cars, but the drag strip always has been the track where owners are most likely to take their vehicles. With that in mind, Chevrolet Performance introduced the Drag Development Program. This program allows the company to test their after-purchase performance accessories while also proving the potential of the Camaro.The Chevrolet Performance Drag Development Program was introduced at the 2016 SEMA Show. With a list of high performance modifications, the 6th gen Camaro SS ran a best time of 10.685 at 125.73 miles per hour. For this year"s SEMA Show, the Chevrolet Performance Drag Development Program has added the supercharged Camaro ZL1 to their efforts and the results are impressive.In short, the Camaro ZL1 included in the Chevrolet Performance Drag Development Program laid down a 10.00-second quarter mile at 137.78 miles per hour. Most impressively, the ZL1 hit that 10-flat with a far shorter mod list than the Camaro SS that ran a 10.685.The Drag Development Camaro ZL1The ZL1 in the Chevrolet Performance Drag Development Program was powered by the supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission. Other factory components include the dual-mode exhaust system, electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD), a 2.85 rear gear set, Performance Traction Management system, Drive Mode Selector and the Performance Data Recorder.Next, a list of "Drag Development Concept Features" were added to the ZL1. The list of updated power modifications includes a cold air intake system, a larger throttle body, a smaller supercharger pulley (for increased boost), and a 110-octane race fuel engine calibration. Additionally, unique Magnetic Ride Control calibration, unique transmission calibration, unique eLSD calibration, racing tires, a racing driver"s seat with a safety harness and a roll cage are included.Finally, this Camaro ZL1 was outfitted with a few Drag Development components and Chevrolet Performance components that are already available for sale. This includes solid cradle bushings (PN 84341929) to minimize rear subframe and suspension geometry changes under hard launches. The small rear braking system (PN 84396515) helps fit the Weld Racing 16-inch rear race wheels (PN 88B-61058-GM). And, finally, a set of American Racing long-tube headers (PN CAV8-16178300LSNC).When all of these components were added to the stock ZL1, it stormed down the quarter mile with an elapsed time of 10.00 and a trap speed of 137.78 miles per hour. On that run, the car pulled a 60-foot time of 1.415 seconds, showing just how well this modified ZL1 gets away from the starting line.The video above from Chevrolet Performance explains the features of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in the Drag Development Program, but more importantly, we get to see the 10-second run firsthand, starting at the 2-minute mark in the video.Tags: 6th Gen Camaro, Camaro ZL1, Drag Development Program, LT4, SEMA

Date written: November 8, 2017

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