Written by Patrick Rall

This week"s Burnout Friday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of L szl Barn k and it features a C6 Chevrolet Corvette putting on a smoke show for a crowd of American performance car fans in Hungary. Based on what Google Translate has to say, This bright yellow Corvette is showing off at an all-American event hosted by a group called the V8 Fanatics and as we can see, this car show includes a burnout exhibition.There are no details on the C6 Corvette, but it sounds like it could be stock and there is no question that it has a manual transmission. The action takes place in what is clearly a designated burnout area, with tires lining the outer perimeter and a hefty dose of old rubber covering the entire area.Hungarian Burnout ActionThe video begins as the Chevrolet Corvette rolls out into the burnout area and dumps the clutch, but the tires barely spin on the sticky, rubber-coated surface. However, the second attempt is far more successful, as smoke pours from both rear tires as the American V8 roars. The relatively small burnout area forces the driver to repeatedly get out of the throttle, but for the better part of three minutes, this Corvette lays down new rubber all over the burnout area.Now, there are likely people who will watch this video and think to themselves "Ive done far better burnouts than this in my Corvette", but keep in mind that this footage comes from Hungary. In the USA, C6 Corvettes are very common, but overseas, this car is a rare sight. Events like this one give American car fans in Europe a chance to check out the likes of this C6 Corvette up close while the burnout area lets the owners show off their American muscle.Crank up your speakers and enjoy!Tags: burnout, Burnout Fridays, c6 corvette, Corvette

Date written: November 3, 2017

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