Written by Jerry Perez

Most of the drag racing videos we feature include a low-to-the-ground, purpose-built, wildly impractical, LS-powered sports car. Other times, albeit rarely, they include a four-door sedan with a trunk big enough for a month’s worth of groceries. Oh, and they also have 1,500 horsepower.This footage courtesy of 1320video brings us one of the hottest Cadillac CTS-Vs we’ve ever seen on or off the track. The video kicks off with the Caddie owner sitting inside his ride while strapped to a dyno. Shortly thereafter he gives it all the beans, and the twin-turbocharged 427 LSX motor unleashes its fury on the rollers. Oh, and did we mention it has a six-speed manual?After such excitement, the video’s narrative switches to the drag strip, where the Cadillac continues its opponent-murdering streak. While most of the runs shown are rolling starts, the CTS-V displays its might for everyone to see, beating almost everyone who opposes him. Well, except for a sneaky Honda S2000 that seems to be powered by a jet engine.

Date written: October 25, 2017

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