Written by Patrick Rall

This video takes us to Australia, where a fourth-gen Camaro with a monster turbocharged LSX, and a set of huge drag radials, is making a few very quick runs down the quarter mile.This video, which was posted by the FAST PERFORMANCE VIDEOS YouTube Channel, doesn"t offer a whole lot of detail on the car. However, we do know that it has an LSX crate engine with a monster turbo setup poking through the front bumper. We also know that it has a massive set of drag radial tires, and it sounds like it is running a PowerGlide transmission. Though, that is just our speculation.What we know for sure is that this fourth-gen F-Body gets down the track in a major hurry and it does so with drag radial tires.Before watching the two runs, consider the following. Cars in the NHRA Pro Stock class this past weekend all qualified in the range of 6.55-6.82 seconds, with speeds ranging from 202 to 210 miles per hour. Mind you, those are fully blown race cars on massive slicks. Meanwhile, this Camaro while clearly built for racing is based on a production car, yet it runs nearly as fast as the Pro Stock cars with a fairly narrow drag radial tire.On each run, the boosted Camaro comes out somewhat gently, presumably to keep power levels low for the best possible launch traction. As the car heads away from the line, we hear the turbo spool as the front wheels slowly leave the ground. The F-Bofy runs straight as an arrow en route to a quarter mile run of 7.47 at 194.55 miles per hour (or 313.1kmh). On the second run, he appears to shut off early, causing him to "only" run a 7.623 at 167.63 miles per hour.Crank up your speakers and enjoy!Tags: 4th gen Camaro, camaro, drag race monday

Date written: October 25, 2017

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