If you have a bundle of photos you wish to share of a car show or working on your vehicle, then please upload and share with others. you can upload as many images as you desire, at preset its best to get say 100 at a time(future developments will improve on this)

Click on the photos drop down box and select Add album.
Name:  Add_Album1.jpg
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The next screen we can add details about the show/photo album, give it a title with the year, something that will come in useful for when people search. Also feel free to write something int he description.

Name:  Add_Album2.jpg
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Then click on 'Save changes'. This had created an empty album, a container for your pictures.

To add photos to this Album
Name:  Add_Album3.jpg
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Click on Upload Photos.

This will open up a new window.
Name:  Add_Album4.jpg
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This is the area where all your uploaded images can be accessed. Ad we are uploading new photos then clock on 'Add Files' in the top right.

Name:  Add_Album5.jpg
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Then select your files.

You can select more than 1 at a time, keep it below 100 though.
Name:  Add_Album6.jpg
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Then click on Open.

The images are then populated in this box
Name:  Add_Album7.jpg
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Click on upload files, and you can see them being uploaded
Name:  Add_Album8.jpg
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You will see the image populate at the bottom.
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This also populates a screen behind, the more pictures you upload the longer it will take, so perhaps just do 10 at a time to start with, and work your way up, so you know how long it takes.
Click on 'Done' that screen will vanish.

You can add a caption to each photos if you like. By default its usually got the file name in there.
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once done click on 'Save Changes'

Name:  Add_Album11.jpg
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Then you are done, you have photos in the Album.