1999 FORD Transit - "Dagenham dustbin"
Owner landy bob

Vehicle 1999 FORD Transit
Engine Type 2.5 Litre Diesel
Vehicle Class Full-size Van
Color grey and dert
Updated 23-02-2012 18:09
Mileage 0 Miles
Purchase Date 17-10-2011
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
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ex bt van complete with flashing amber light
its grey, its got some rust, the back is already full of crap
its a bit slow and some times likes a little smoke
it runs on the devils fluid (diesel) it is fitted with a water heater
have yet to decorate the front of the dash with the obligatory empty fag packets GQ magazines and ginsters wrappers but i might write" please clean me " on the back door

ToDo List
fill the dash with rubbish, put spare clothes tools etc behind the seats, fill the passenger seat with crisp packets coke cans and apple cores, cover the floor with mud, fill the glove box with invoices, fuel receipts, and menus from Indian take aways.fill the back until it looks like a skip with wheels
drive like Satan with piles, wolf whistle at any females
accidentally fill it with petrol at least twice

Garage Type Cost Rating Mileage
Minor Service
Minor Service

User Posted Date Comments
changed filters and oil
put some stp stuff in with 40 litres of fuel to help with the smoky exhaust and unbelievably it actually worked
still has a hole in the down pipe but i can't be arsed to fix it because i like the noise