2001 AC COBRA - "Gloria"
Owner chinns123

Vehicle 2001 AC COBRA
Engine Type V8
Vehicle Class Sports
Color Red
Updated 14-04-2014 00:10
Mileage 1,500 Miles
Purchase Date
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 746

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Pilgrim Sumo. Chevy short block V8
The Shelby Cobra was an automotive boxing glove. Neither sophisticated no particularly beautiful it was rugged, violent and overwhelmingly effective. Born of a brawny American V8, transplanted into a skinny, lightweight British sports car chassis, the Cobra was a vehicle designed for assault and annihilation of all existing performance records. It Succeeded. The AC Cobra was the world's fastest production car in an age of Detroit sedans that were faster than any cars ever put on the road before. "Street Dreams" by David Barry