Moving of a container at work.

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Well we have moved offices at work, and needing to removed this old 20ft container. It was used for environmental testing of electronics displayed we produced. It was like a faraday cage keeping all radio/mobile signals out, so we could test emissions of the displays. Also had an area at the back that was a heat chamber to cook the displays to see what temperature they fail at.This box has been there well over 20 years as its been there all the time I have.

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As part of the moved this had to go too. So a scrap metal company came to take it away. He has a lifting capacity of 10 tonne, but not at full reach.

We could guess that the mud over the years have created a good suction area under the box. So lifting it up on all 4 corners would require an immense force to break it free. The truck driver didn't want to try a couple of chains just at the front to break it free from the ground.

Larry had an idea, he loves the forklift and can be the ideal tool for many things. He wanted to lift up a part of the box to break it free from the ground. I said the ground would be too soft, but he wanted to try it.
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The ground was too soft.

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Forklift needed recovering.

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Up it goes.

There was quite a bit of stuff in the box, probably only weighing 1 ton, so we lifted it out manually and waiting for the truck guy to give it another go.
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  1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    So what happened?
  2. saleen 192's Avatar
    move the white van in back ground get the forklift to lift end of container up as lorry craine is lifting it with it's chains ? just a thought as now there but having fun by the look of it.
  3. TransAmDan's Avatar
    All got sorted in the end. Emptied the container into a skip, the skip got taken away, and then the crane got back and could lift it once it was freed from the ground by lifting up one end first. Its gone now.