Newcomers to MAN Trucks’ Arsenal to Fight for Better Performance

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Christmas Dinner-b281922_strfnpicture1.jpgThe new MAN trucks, presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 at the end of September, stuck in the visitors’ memory with quite impressive solutions in both the exterior and interior, together with an updated driveline to achieve better economy.

New flagship
As its new flagship model in the TGX series, MAN unveiled a special limited PerformanceLine Edition. The lineup numbers 100 vehicles with exclusive interior and exterior design in a distinct blue color scheme. But, of course, the foremost feature of the top model is a superproductive engine with an output of up to 640 HP.

Commander-in-chief of economy
Another innovative heavyweight came in the form of the third edition of the MAN TGX EfficientLine. Its mission is to prove MAN’s economic fuel-saving potential. Besides, the EfficientLine 3 concept has already demonstrated its firm intention to lead the race for best efficiency. In a comparative fuel consumption test drive, the updated MAN TGX 18.500 4x2 BLS EfficientLine 3 delivered additional 6.35% fuel saving against the TGX 18.480 4x2 BLS EfficientLine 2 (according to TÜV SÜD monitoring service).

The heavy artillery for payload
The TGS series, which are traditionally aimed at the toughest operations, can now benefit from a new light hypoid tandem axle. It was designed particularly to suit those transportation tasks where the payload is critical. This innovation debuted at Bauma 2016 earlier this year, and at the recent IAA it was further extended. From now on the performance of the TGS trucks is boosted by the MAN Hydrodrive, a selectable hydrostatic drive in the front axle, combined with the MAN TipMatic automatic gearbox.
The industry-specific focus of the new MAN TGS series is concentrated on tank and silo haulage operations. In such industries goods are billed according to the transported volume, so there is an acute need for lightweight vehicles that can simultaneously handle maximum payloads. For this purpose, MAN has optimized the unladen weight of the new TGS-TS to create the brand’s lightest customer-oriented tractor unit for tank and silo operations.
All in all, the new MAN offers have all the premises to be as successful as its tried and tested comrades from the range of MAN tractor units.
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