10th Anniversary Trans Am

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Thought I would start a blog, seeing as there is quite a snagging list and also a project list.

I'll keep you updated with pics as we progress.

So to start.

Yesterday, 27/6/15 - my MOT man gave the car a clean bill of health. No rust, no worries.
Today, saw my body shop man. The quote to remove all the pin striping and hood bird and then apply a new graphics kit that I will provide, was acceptable. Have already ordered the new kit with all that the 10th anniversary graphics package includes. Once it is delivered it will go to the bodyshop for a few days for the work to be carried out.
Also placed an order for new body mounts as the ones on the car are dry rotted, along with a set of sub frame connectors.
Will be ordering a service kit for the engine tomorrow too.
Have had a go at polishing the wheels but with only marginal success, so will pick up various grades of wet n' dry and will begin working on them as time allows.

I have resisted the temptation to go wild with suspension and engine mods, the goal is a nice original car that s driven. Not concours, and not a hot-rod (although that temptation took some beating down, hmmm coil-overs.... No stop!!).

Be sure to follow the progress, of this rolling project.
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  1. an88fiero's Avatar
    This could be a fairly long blog ......
  2. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Got two UK suppliers quoting for the service items needed.
    Browsing some U.S. Suppliers now for correct trim pieces. Ouch some of it is expensive.
    Could do with someone bringing a container over and we ship within the U.S. To the container.
  3. an88fiero's Avatar
    Interior dash removed and bulbs cleaned up etc - now all working
  4. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Ok, have now ordered:
    Rear light LED conversion
    Replacement seat belts
    Full engine service kit
    Sub frame connectors
    solid body mounts
    Decal kit

    And have a possible option on the correct t-tops for the car.

    Photos will follow as the work progresses.
  5. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Went out and played with vacuum hoses. Corrected incorrect routing and sorted correct use of ported and manifold vacuum.
    Found massive vacuum leak, adjusted idle.
    More tuning once it's cold again. Kind of one try a day until it's right.
    Service kit arrived (except bottom hose) so at least one day over the weekend will be spent fettling!
  6. an88fiero's Avatar
    Also ordered a front licence plate holder
  7. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Fine tuned the choke, started from cold on the button!
    Want to further test the front and rear vacuum breaks, but need another cold start.
    Still waiting on the bottom radiator hose, but hope to get other service items done during evenings this week.
    The line on the correct mirror t-tops has come good, so will spend Saturday on the road collecting them as well as other bits.
  8. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    This evenings cold start was on the button!!
    Guess I do remember some carburettor skills?
  9. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    I found a manufacturer that makes plastic dye in an aerosol for changing the colour of the interior trim.
    More importantly, they have exact matches for colours typically used by GM in the 70's.
    More importantly still, I found a UK distributor of it.
    So having cross referenced the original GM names against the product numbers I now have a couple of cans of the two colours (plus lacquer) used on the 10th Anniversary on their way to me.
    Minimum order is £35 though but still cheaper and easier than finding replacement interior trim pieces in the right colours.
  10. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Oh, and the seat belt kit, and front licence plate holder have now left the USA and should hopefully arrive in the UK today.
    Now just have to wait for the customs and excise to sting me for some more money.
  11. AmericanThunder's Avatar
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