1991 Chevy Camaro RS 3.2 V6

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Goodwood Brekkie Run - Sunday 1st Nov-022.jpgThis is my 1991 Camaro, I bought her in November 2011 from a guy in Birmingham. After driving an Astra VXR for 3 years and needed change I got converted to yanks! Dan took me up to Birmingham in the TransAm and cruised back together, just in time for the barn dance!

As it stands, she started life in Los Angeles, California, imported in 1994 and WHITE!! Going through service history and many, many receipts it was between 2005 and 2009 that the paint job was done...and not very well either!

Since I've owned her I've added yank style number plates as the British style one just look odd. I've also fitted new bonnet lifters....had to use a broom to hold it up to start off with. All the anti-roll bar bushes have been replaced and didn't take much to get the old ones wonder I could hear knocking! She still needs some work as there is small bubbling coming up on the arches and welding needs doing under the driver's side front wing....if it rains too heavy for a few days at a time water gets in and that's not good!

The front end also needs a blow over as I found out the hard way that stupid summer tyres, uneven and tight bends and rain do not mix! At a slow speed (for a change) I exited a roundabout by Sainsbury's in Fareham going towards the M27, went to straighten up and the back end carried on going!! The front end went up the grass bank on the left, the Camaro carried on spinning round and came to a hault in the middle of the dual carriageway facing the oncoming traffic! Luckily it was not that busy and I got round the right way and headed off to the layby a few yards up the road and got to pick out bits of grass and shrubs. Wouldn't have been so annoying if I was driving fast but hey ho!

So, plans for the future.....Ideally, a whole new paint job. Stripped back and done properly! Ditch the summer tyres, I mean, who would buy summer tyres in this country?? I would have the interior colour changed to black, red on the outside and inside is a bit too much for me. Oher than that, just some well needed tlc!!

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  1. sarah's Avatar
    New radiator is turning up this week, fingers crossed tomorrow! So come next week at Wheels Day sat in traffic shouldn't be an issue and she won't overheat and loose water through the tiny hole in the current radiator that's directly behind the driver's headlamp. Got a temp fix last year but needs replacing now!

    Next on the list will be getting the welding sorted under the driver's side wing. With the weather turning rubbish again the rain is starting to creep in again! Not a good move!
  2. sarah's Avatar
    So....yesterday was to be the day the radiator got changed BUT......opened up the bonnet only to smell really strong petrol fumes! Turns out that the metal fuel lines that run down to the back of the engine bay have been corroding looks like that when the brake fluid was topped up before I bought her some fluid was spilt and not cleaned the pipes are weeping!

    Plan for next week is to get that sorted and chuck in the new rad at the same time. Bit of a shame she can't go to wheels day but hey ho!