To Blog or not to Blog, That is the question??

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You know, I have been sat here for over an hour trying to think of a subject for my latest blog, but due to the dementia that seems to be kicking in at my ripe old age of 29 and 34 months, I am having a total brain block, so until I can think of something you will have to put up with my off beat ramblings.

Mary had a little lamb
She tied it to a pylon
10,000 volts went up its arse
And turned it’s wool to Nylon

Anyway, back on Planet Earth and in the usual state of financial insecurity I decided to load up the old transit van and set up at the local(ish) Autojumble at Midhurst Grange Centre. To anyone who has never been this is a twice a year sale held inside the 2 main halls of the Grange Centre, the stalls for this are all booked before the end of the previous sale, so I have a permanent booking for 2 tables, just to make sure I get in. Stall holders and buyers travel from all over the world for this sale held by the LL Club, over the years this has grown to be as famous as the Beaulieu sales. I put just about everything and anything car related into the van, overloaded it in fact, I reckon I had somewhere in the region of £12k value of stuff there, so thought this would (hopefully) sort out a few problems, what a laugh that was, I took the grand total of £98, take out of that £26 for the stall, £10 for diesel and another £10 for my nephew who helped me left me with the massive profit of £52!! That was spent at the car boot sale on the way home. The really annoying thing is that my mate turned up with a box full of stuff and asked if he could have a corner on the stall, cheeky git took about £500!!

Long long long long time ago,
before the wind, before the snow,
lived a man lived a man I know,
lived a freak of nature named Sir Psycho.

But luckily the Doctor got me some great pills and now he only shows up when I am really stressed.

Did I mention that I have moved house recently? No! Here goes… When my B E A utiful Clarissa found out that we were to become parents I thought it was time that we moved out of my parent’s house and got our own accommodation. So off down to the local council to put our names on the housing list, all we wanted was a basic 2 bed property in time for the baby to arrive, shouldn’t be too bigger ask, should it?? ‘Well Mr Stokes, Young Couple, both under 30, expecting a child, living in a single room at your parents, we should be able to find you a home within 6 years’. You f***ing what?? ‘Well Sir, you are not classed as a priority’ OK then, forms filled out and start bidding and bidding, A year in we got an offer of a flat in Midhurst, so before the official viewing date I thought I would go for a little drive and have a look see, I am so glad I did as when I got there, the first thing that hit me was the immense stink, there was a sewage canal running 10 feet behind the block, we kind of never turned up for that viewing, Ironically I had a drive past it after the Autojumble, the flat is still empty….In February of this year I got a letter saying that a new build estate was being constructed in Flansham, near Bognor Regis, there was a 2 Bedroom flat above the shop that had been reserved for us, Brilliant, Fantastic, Unfortunately the only time we could view it was whilst Clarissa was on a course at work, so I went along alone, I met the lady from the housing department and had a look round the flat, a bit small, but it would do the job, we went back outside where she showed me my 1 allocated parking space for my car, I made a comment about it being a ‘bit of a squeeze’, she laughed at me and said that it was a standard space and any normal car would fit in there. ‘We don’t allow commercial vehicles on our estates, in fact, I would like to know who owns that Monsterous thing?’ she said pointing at a rather large Black Ford dayvan parked in the layby opposite. ‘That would be my CAR’ I stated. I received a letter 2 days later stating that my application had failed due to my needs not being suitable, and that they wished me well in my future searching for a home. As luck would have it the local housing association decided to build 15 houses on a piece of land directly behind my parents home, these places were only for people with a strong local connection to West Wittering. At this point I thought that we might be in with a chance, we went to the sign up event in May where the guy said we had strong possibilities of getting one, in August they were put on the list for bidding and I was the second person to bid 2 weeks later I was told by a neighbour that 14 of the 15 houses were allocated and that the last one was probably going to a young girl with 2 kids. Imagine my surprise when I got the call saying the last house was ours, there was me on the phone answering all the questions, trying to convince the guy that I was the best candidate and that they would have no noise issues or problems with my vehicles, only problem was that at the time I was in the passenger seat of Pete’s White/Blue 2nd gen Camaro doing about 80MPH up the M3, I could hardly hear the guy!! Anyways we moved in there on 10th October, the day before Jamie’s 3rd Birthday, so 3 ½ years and we got somewhere!! Can’t really complain I suppose.

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