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    There is so much beauty in diversity especially when we learn to coexist with each other.
    In communication where the participants involved speak different languages it is necessary to engage a professional translation agency. One that is able to offer a variety of competent, reliable, professional and experienced interpreters to facilitate accurate understanding of all participants. Culture connection is the best choice for all your translating and interpreting needs. Here we understand an event,work with your available time and consider your number of participants to provide the suitable interpreting services. We also allow you to choose the type of interpreting service you need. Consecutive interpreting where translation is done after the speaker has finished their speech. Liason interpreting that involves translating the speakers interventions are translated at regular intervals. Conference interpreting where the speech is translated after few seconds. We also provide equipment for translation at a fee.

    Our translation services involve but are not limited to scientific translation with many areas of specialisation the medical ,pharmaceutical translation.
    Here we work with professional medical translators that emerge the best in our recruitment process. We do many medical translations that is publications, journals, conference reports, clinical trial results in all languages.
    We also do accurate and best quality financial and insurance document translation in all languages with the help of our professional and experienced financial translators.
    Business translation is one of our strongest area of expertise where we give your business an international view and expansion. In this we consider business cultures of the partners involved . Also we are able to do translation in all languages for a wide range of business documents the brochures, leaflets, cover letters, business newsletters, websites.
    With Culture connections legal translation, accuracy, high quality and reliability is a guarantee. This is only assigned to our experienced professional legal translators. We translate regulations, commercial contracts, complaints, company statutes, criminal procedures among others in all languages.
    For international organisations we offer high quality translation in legal, financial and administrative documents.

    Choose us for high quality, professional translations in various fields in all languages.