• Honda's Greatest Hits: The Models We'll Always Remember

    Honda has been making cars for generations and with its fair share of rough patches along the road, it’s safe to say they’ve had their hits and their misses. However, with an impressive number of cars in their back catalogue, there are plenty of amazing models that are well worth remembering. Here we are going to look at some of Honda’s greatest hits that we will never forget.

    Honda Civic Type R

    The Honda Civic Type R earns its place on this list thanks to its dynamic driving system that responds to the driver and the stylish yet practical all-out design. This car not only has enough storage for your weekly shop but can even pack punch when you put your foot down. Whether you are looking to use this car’s sports function for a blast around the track or you’re just heading off on a weekend away, it has the functionality to accommodate any user. Additionally, this four-seater’s back seats fold down, giving you the option for more space should you need it, making this is an ideal car no matter the journey. If that wasn’t enough, it even comes with an affordable price tag. Starting at around £34,000 this is the perfect price range for those that are looking for a practical everyday car that can handle days out on the track without costing a fortune in upgrades.

    Honda NSX Mk2

    As one of the sportier cars that Honda has developed, the NSX Mk 2 is a car that could not go unnoticed. This car is the perfect showcase of Honda’s precision engineering for the ultimate driving experience, combining the aesthetic of a track car with the comfort of a road car, making it more than worthy of a spot on this list. Additionally, this car is a hybrid meaning that the electric motor and battery within work together to provide as much power as possible whilst remaining environmentally friendly. Comfort is added by the high-quality handcrafted seats that support you as you drive, allowing for the ultimate experience regardless of the length of your journey. However, this high-quality experience and engineering does come at a pretty hefty cost, with prices starting from £143,020 for a brand new model. For those willing to stretch, this is a car for those that really love the experience of driving and the thrill of the track, rather than a day to day commute.

    Honda S800

    Unlike the NSX Mk2, the Honda S800 is much more of a classic within Honda’s extensive catalogue throughout the years. With only a 2-door option to choose from, this car is perfect for drives along country roads with the top down enjoying those summer cruises in the fresh air. However, this model is one of the least practical models created by Honda due to its size and overall build. Additionally, the 791 CC engine was not the most powerful, but for the roadster and the coupe, it was the perfect amount for an enjoyable and comfortable practical driving experience.

    Honda Accord
    The Honda Accord deserves the last place on this list, as it combines the practicality of a family car with the comfort of one of the Honda’s more luxury vehicles. This makes this the perfect car for those looking to have the very best of both worlds when on their daily commute. With front and back seats designed to fit the whole family comfortably, as well as a respectable amount of boot space that you can adapt by folding down the back seats, this makes this car one of the very best road cars that Honda has produced.