• How Scania helps Thailand get illuminated

    Scania´s dealer in Thailand has recently sold 63 trucks, aimed at working for the benefit of electric power distribution. In such a fast-growing country as Thailand, where there are already 70 million inhabitants, the need for new electricity infrastructure is always topical. To ensure and accelerate the process, Scania has developed a new type of heavy construction vehicles.

    These specially tailored versions of Scania chassis cabs are equipped with both a crane and a drill. They were conceived to do their best even in harsh mountain regions and along dirt roads during the rainy period. As it is estimated, 400 of such trucks are needed to maintain and extend the existing electricity network in the rural areas of Thailand.

    Under such circumstances, the experts value reliability and engine power. According to the manufacturer’s distributors, the offered Scania’s truck solution has already managed to build trust among Thai specialists. The favorable result is achieved due to powerful engines and braking systems. Besides, the operation is speedy enough. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to install each new hole for a power pole.

    Taking into account the fact that such kind of works on electric power distribution represents an entirely new segment, Scania seems to have found one more niche to shine.