• Wickham Square Boxing Day 2015

    Every year on Boxing Day December 26th, Wickham square becomes packed with Classic and American vehicles. Wickham square is a great place to be to get some fresh air after your Christmas lunch the day before.

    Its an early start on Boxing Day. If you want to be in the square be sure to get there early. We left a little earlier this year at 7am to get a parking space, we actually made it too early as only 4 other vehicles there. At least we had a chance to pick a space. By 9am all the spaces were gone and people starting to double park. The road that passes though the middle eventually is unusable as people walking in the road, and usually gets blocked at one end where people think they are in traffic but the car in front of them is actually parked.

    We got chatting to many people, including the Fiat owner(pictured to the left) he has owned this for a very long time, and fully resorted it 2 years ago. The car has some great history. Great to see something like this still on the road, there cant be many about. We also got chatting to a member of the Pontiac owners club who travelled down from Warwick to visit family and dropped into the Wickham show.

    Plenty of food vans serving hot food and drinks you keep all the visitors warmed up. Many vehicles to see and sometime traction engines make an appearance too. In my opinion 5 food vans is way too many, taking up valuable parking spaces, This event is free entry. So if you haven't been before check out Wickham Square Boxing Day next year.

    Photos from Wickham Square Boxing day 2015