• Audi Q7 E-Tron Hybrid Unveiled at Geneva

    Audi Q7 E-Tron Hybrid Unveiled at Geneva

    The Geneva Show was the host of another concept unveiling, the Audi Q7 E-tron Quattro. This will be Audis second plug-in hybrid offering a diesel in Europe and a petrol variant for US and China. This first of Audis plug-in hybrids was the petrol only A3 Compact.

    The Q7 diesel hybrid will use a 3.0 lt, six-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor. It can only be driven for 35 miles on battery power alone. Audi says the model emits just 46 grams of CO2 per km. It has combined power of 373hp as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission.

    For the American and Chinese market the diesel engine will be replaced by a 2.0 lt turbocharged petrol engine, Audi development boss Ulrich Hackenberg said. "We have a modular system that allows us to react to the different needs of the world.” The Q7 plug-in hybrid has active engine mounts that work to help cancel out the vibration from the diesel engine, as well as a thermal heat pump that transfers waste heat from the electric drivetrain to warm the cabin.

    The car will be able to use its satellite navigation system to find the most-efficient balance between diesel and electric power by analysing the route ahead. When approaching traffic signs indicating lower speed limits or traffic lights, the drivetrain is given a visual signal as well as a pulse through the accelerator to remind them to slow down, a feature Audi calls a Predictive Efficiency Assistant.

    The Q7 diesel Hybrid is due to go on sale in the spring of 2016.