• Infiniti QX30

    Infiniti QX30

    At the Geneva show, last week, Infiniti unveiled their newest concept, the QX30 Crossover. Infiniti are hoping this new car will boost their sales in Europe and North America. Roland Krueger, Infiniti Motor Co. Worldwide’s President has said “It's a very good business proposal for dealers who are interested in investing in dealerships with Infiniti of Europe…… We're seeing investors come forward to talk to us now”

    Infiniti's global sales saw an increase of 14 percent in 2014 as it worked to expand its presence outside the United States to the U.K., Germany, Russia, China and other markets. They sold over 68,000 vehicles outside of the U.S. last year.

    Infiniti officials met with retailers at its Geneva show stand to discuss dealership opportunities and inspect the new crossover, which will reach showrooms in 2016.