Java / Adobe Upate Watch out!!-java-logo.jpgJava / Adobe Upate Watch out!!-adobe_logo1-296x300.jpg

Many of our computers have Java installed, its enables certain websites to work that demand this plug in. Java is owned by Oracle (2nd largest software company in the world)

Abobe have Acrobat reader, this lets you view PDF files in your browser.

Both Adobe and Java offer updates. But watch out, they are bundling in McAfee antivirus in with this product update. I think this is disgusting. If you wanted their AntiVirus you would go and buy it. If you already have Antivirus software on your computer this could cause a whole heap of problems. I've wrestles with McAfee many times in the past, it is a right bugger to get rid of, taking a number of hours. Its like a virus in itself.

I cant believe top software companies are bundling in this Antivirus, they could have a lot of issues on their hands when people say "well the laptop was fine until I done the piggin update"

There is a small untick box when installing the software which to can untick to not install this potentially annoying software, but many people will just keep clicking continue until done.