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  1. World renowned vehicle lifts

    World renowned vehicle lifts

    Well, we are here to supply you with trucks, rails, and buses. Surely you will fall in love with these great cars. Not only are you assured of quality, but also maintaining and repairing the vehicles is simple as mobile column fits are used. Surprisingly, all designs of the lifts exists, and the customer specifies its choice. Besides the various models, the strength and efficiency of the mobile column lifts are identical. Here are just but some samples of ...
  2. Moving of a container at work.

    Well we have moved offices at work, and needing to removed this old 20ft container. It was used for environmental testing of electronics displayed we produced. It was like a faraday cage keeping all radio/mobile signals out, so we could test emissions of the displays. Also had an area at the back that was a heat chamber to cook the displays to see what temperature they fail at.This box has been there well over 20 years as its been there all the time I have.

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  3. Newcomers to MAN Trucks’ Arsenal to Fight for Better Performance

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ID:	77347The new MAN trucks, presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 at the end of September, stuck in the visitors’ memory with quite impressive solutions in both the exterior and interior, together with an updated driveline to achieve better economy.

    New flagship
    As its new flagship model in the TGX series, MAN unveiled a special limited PerformanceLine Edition. The lineup numbers 100 vehicles with exclusive interior and exterior design in a ...
  4. New ticking noise from the TA, Sept 2016

    Had a ticking noise form my car since going over some wild speed humps for a charity event at a school. So finally got the car up in the air, well on bricks, jacked up a little with my short range jack. I see the problem.
    One bolt missing.
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    So popped in a new stainless steel bolt. Waiting for the rusty one to snap and I'll change that one too. you wouldn't think the exhaust is stainless. Well its not rusty, just not pretty.

    Anyway, ...
  5. Fixing my crack on the Trans-Am door.

    For many years I have had a crack at the bottom of the door on the Trans-Am, its a fiberglass door. The door drops because of it. I have been putting this off for many many years, well it was like that when I got the car back in 2002. A photo album of the progress has been uploaded http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/me...-door-fix.html

    Took the car into work and moved the door with the use of a lift.
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