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  1. Got a bit of valvetrain noise in the Trans-Am

    11th Dec 2012 I notice the engine making extra clicking sounds while I was warming up the car defrosting the windows etc..

    When i got to work i lifted the bonnet, the noise was still there. It comes and goes, it doesn't appear to be every time the cylinder fires. I tried listening around the engine. It seems to be loudest in the intake ...

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  2. To Blog or not to Blog, That is the question??

    You know, I have been sat here for over an hour trying to think of a subject for my latest blog, but due to the dementia that seems to be kicking in at my ripe old age of 29 and 34 months, I am having a total brain block, so until I can think of something you will have to put up with my off beat ramblings.

    Mary had a little lamb
    She tied it to a pylon
    10,000 volts went up its arse
    And turned itís wool to Nylon

    Anyway, back on Planet Earth and in ...
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  3. Working with idiots can kill you!!


    Idiots in the office are just as hazardous to your health as cigarettes, caffeine or greasy food, an eye-opening new study reveals. In fact, those dopes can kill you!

    Stress is one of the top causes of heart attacks -- and working with stupid people on a daily basis is one of the deadliest forms of stress, according to researchers at Sweden's Lindbergh University Medical Center.

    The author of the ...
  4. Another big change in my life.

    Recently I've made a few big changes in my life. Met someone that makes me really happy. I eat curry now, and tomato based pasta, this is all new to me.
    As you will notice from my Trans-Am Rear end blog I'm having a few problems. I had to get mum back to Rowlands Castle and get down to Gosport, instead of getting a taxi, I thought it would be time to get a run about car. So I brought a Ford Fiesta Diesel. Now this is a big change for me, I'm not keen on Fords or French, but I desperately ...

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  5. Trans-Am MOT 25th April 2012

    Well I put the car in for the MOT on the 25th. It passed, but has a couple of advisories.
    I need to get a new rear axle seal, and track rod end.
    I have the box for the seal in the garage, or so I thought. Its not the 4th of May, and i cant find the original part number. I got the bearing and seal from pro-parts last time. It was the same that was on a Chrysler.
    Well I popped into Proparts today with a list of alternative part numbers that i looked up on the website. ...

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