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  1. Temperature Sensor on the Trans-Am

    Thanks Laceytree for adding events-imag2247.jpgA couple of years back myself and Paul changed the engine mounts on the car. The temperature sensor was knocked, taking off the plastic housing. So all i was left with was a couple of prongs.The female connector would almost make contact, enough to get me home.
    Once I got it home I made up some wires that I could poke in the holes, and used some small crimps to go to the pins coming out of the sensor. I ordered a new sensor which came within a week. The mod worked ...

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  2. 12V to USB charger

    Well the Santapod weekend is coming this weekend. I have one of those phones that have a flat battery after a day. I will be going up to Santapod in the Fiesta as its cheaper on fuel than the Trans-Am, although the Trans-Am is much more fun i need to save the pennies. I do have an inverter that runs from a cigarette lighter, however the fiesta is so basic it doesn't have one of those.
    I found the Duracell made a USB charger, its basically a battery pack, you plug you phone into it for it to ...

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  3. Car Rental Fairy - Price comparison for car hire

    Just came across this site the other day. You have all heard of price comparisons for car insurance. If you ever want to rent a car online its worth checking them out no matter what country you are in. So if you are planning a holiday in the states it can all be booked online. No other mode of transport gives you the freedom that you get from a car, which allows you to explore your new surroundings and travel wherever you want to without having to worry about accessibility or timetables.

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  4. 1991 Chevy Camaro RS 3.2 V6

    Goodwood Brekkie Run - Sunday 1st Nov-022.jpgThis is my 1991 Camaro, I bought her in November 2011 from a guy in Birmingham. After driving an Astra VXR for 3 years and needed change I got converted to yanks! Dan took me up to Birmingham in the TransAm and cruised back together, just in time for the barn dance!

    As it stands, she started life in Los Angeles, California, imported in 1994 and WHITE!! Going through service history and many, many receipts it was between 2005 and 2009 that the paint job was ...

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  5. The Bathroom

    Party at Steve&Jans last Saturday-bathroom_001.jpgAs most of you know I've moved into an older house that needs a bit of work. Structurally good, every room needs decorating at some point and the garden needs attacking. In no rush, just something to do over a number of years. Over Christmas we saw a nice Christmas tree in B&Q it was 100 with all the lights built in, this came down quite a bit in price after Christmas. So we popped into B&Q, but there was non left in stock. On the way way out saw there were complete ...

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