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  1. Parts & Stuff To do to the caprice in 2010

    i need to get some work to the car this year to get her runing good and a good tidyup
    [1]stainless steel exhausts
    [2]4 new Tyres
    [3]welding to the o.s wing
    [4]airbrushing on the wings
    [5]amp cable in and subs
    [6]fix 2 windows runners
    [7]i need to tint the windows

    there ma be more that do for now !!
  2. The American Dream, Poole Quay

    [QUOTE=creekmoorchris;2396]OK here it is, hot off the presses .... The American Dream will be staged at Poole Quay on Friday 27th August 2010.

    Usual things apply, no parking on the Quay until the road is closed at 6pm. The quay then needs to be cleared for 9pm.

    All vehicles must be road legal and drivers have the appropriate licences.

    Any vehicle larger than a 1050's Caddy or new Day Van please call Anne at Poole Tourism on 01202 262 537.

    Usual ...
  3. Performance parts to buy for the Trans-Am

    Just been getting an idea of what next to get for the car. These things I'm planning on getting before Feb 2010.
    I have plenty of power, ( I would say enougth power, but you can never have enougth). So with this power, its usless unless you can get it to the road, I have trouble with traction, so the next load of parts will be weight saving or handling parts. I have lowered suspention and adjustable shocks already.
    Need to get the car ready for the drag race against Paul. The car has ...
  4. 1992 Chevrolet Caprice 5.0v8

    Befor i Purchased it

    i Purchased my car on the 23-02-2006 the car was 3950.00 i part exchange my Peugeot 406 glx 2.0 that cost me over 6000 to mod only got 1200 from my 8000 car but i hit 25 it was time for me to have own American car the is cheap on insurance full comp i had almost 1900 of restoration work done to the rear under side'
    the police and taxi driver use them in the us as tha ...
  5. 2000 Pontiac Trans-Am owned by Dan

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    2000 Pontiac Trans Am
    Photo from Worthing Sunny Sunday 2008

    Purchased on eBay Augist 2002. Have many years of great driving. Its a 5.7L LS1, same engine thats fitted to the Corevette C5. The 325hp standard engine eventually wasn't enougth for me, so had to modify some parts currently at 477hp, its goes quote well. It suprises many people when I say its mainly plastic and fibre glass. The attitute from many people about American cars is that they
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