New ticking noise from the TA, Sept 2016

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Had a ticking noise form my car since going over some wild speed humps for a charity event at a school. So finally got the car up in the air, well on bricks, jacked up a little with my short range jack. I see the problem.
One bolt missing.
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So popped in a new stainless steel bolt. Waiting for the rusty one to snap and I'll change that one too. you wouldn't think the exhaust is stainless. Well its not rusty, just not pretty.

Anyway, all 4 bolts there are good and tight. Started up the car, the ticking noise still there. Trying to locate it, its in the engine bay and underneath. Perhaps the other side needs looking at, but not so easy at the mo, maybe tomorrow. However I'm starting to think the notice is more major than and exhaust leak. Performance doesn't seem to be effected, I was thinking a bent push rod. The car has stalled a few times while decelerating towards a junction if I'm not quick enough with a 3 foot dance. However if air getting in the exhaust then it could well cut out due to fuel mixture.
What is my concern at the moment, if its crank related, oil pressure has swung from 20psi to 80psi and bouncing between the two quite quick, perhaps the sensor playing up, perhaps oil pump, perhaps crank has spun a bearing. hummm, awful thoughts going through my mind at the moment.

So thinking worse case, a new engine may be required. Well, heads/cam are probably good. so a new LS1 short block (complete rotating assembly without heads) Looking at a 383 stroker. so 6.3liter which will work with my heads and cam with tuning. LS1 383 Stroker Short Block - LS1, LS2, LS7 Engines, Sprint Car Dyno, Street Performance – Schwanke Short Blocks, Springfield, MN
I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, and fingers crossed it something simple.
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  1. TransAmDan's Avatar
    Having a listen around the car, there is ticking under the hood. Its the coil pack arching on the unused cylinder.

    Its not a good idea to touch the body work, that certainly made me jump, should have worn my wellies. Anyway, disconnected this coil pack from the wiring loom instead of disconnecting the HT end. The reason I didn't want it to be connected to the plug is i didn't know if it would do the plug damage, as it would never get wet with fuel.
  2. TransAmDan's Avatar
    How do you think it sounds? This is running on 7.

    Doesn't sound too bad, and drives fine. Although only been driving it on tick over. 1500rpm is plenty to pull out of junctions and drive with.
  3. TransAmDan's Avatar
    New rockers fitted, so running back on 8 again now.

    The bottom end has done well to last this long. On start up good oil pressure 40-50psi on idle. Once warm this bounces between 0 and 80psi, like pulses around every revolution on the engine. Some low end noises, which a mechanic had a listen and thinks it would be the main bearings. This seems to explain the noise and the oil pressure.

    So engine out job!.
  4. saleen 192's Avatar
    buy a create engine sorry great engine or do i mean a CRATE engine lol,
  5. TransAmDan's Avatar
    All Chevy engines are great.

    Well I drove it to work today, last time ever at this workplace as we are moving early next year to a smaller office. It's a short journey, engine temp gets 1/4 of the way. So good oil pressure all the way, and the only engine noise that could be heard went parked up is something resembling an exhaust leak.
  6. TransAmDan's Avatar
    Just got a rough quote of around $1200 to ship the complete short block over. Nice shiny forged internals 383ci. Its growing on me. An extra 600cc. So could be an extra 50hp ish. 489hp at the mo / 346 * 383. So around 541hp, and more tq.
  7. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    Did you order something?
    Maybe a nice Lingenfelter or Livernois crate motor?
  8. TransAmDan's Avatar
    I have a new oil pump to fit. Waiting for the warmer weather.

    Got my eye on a new short block, still LS1, but 383ci, all forged too. Its only funds that is stopping me on this.
    Lingenfelter LS1, LS6 383 CID Short Block Engine Assembly: Lingenfelter Performance Engineerin

    The reason for sticking with LS1, is that there will be no wiring change, even changing to LS2, which won't benefit capacity wise(over the 383Ls1) but would require some wiring changes, like a reluctor wheel having a different amount of teeth.

    But if I had the funds for the short block, then I could choose low compression, and bolt this baby on....
    LS1 Magna Charger TVS Supercharger Install - Chevy High Performanc
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  9. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    How about ditching the LSx engines and dropping in a crate 572. Put a cowl induction hood on to clear the carb/FI throttle body and have instant 600+ HP with old school big block sound.
    I don't think the old 10bolt rear would last to long so that s60 would soon be on your shopping list.
  10. AmericanThunder's Avatar
    But in seriousness, the LS1 is quite common here as it's been used in many cars that were officially imported. So why not have the bottom end gone through and beefed up along with a small overbore by one of the specialist? Be a lot less than importing either a short or long block.

    Have you seen these?
    Crate Engine

    V8 Crate Engines & Parts | Partsworld Performanc

    Partsworld is who I was going to use when I was building the Trans Am
  11. TransAmDan's Avatar
    Well been driving the Trans-Am to work a couple of times, the ticking noise is there, like a short push rod sound. Nothing to major. Well anyway, Really needed to take it a little further, took it to mothers, she really enjoys the sound of the Trans-Am and it may be the last time she hears it. Its worth risking further damage on the Trans-am just to know she has smiled when she heard it coming up the drive way.

    Got it home, the engine was up to temperature by this point. Ticking got a lot louder, still from the top end. Bent push rod/collapsed lifter or lobe missing of the cam shaft type sound.

    Time to get some parts on order, my main problem is spare funds. Really could do with new push rods, lifters, head gaskets and changing the pump at least. would like a new cam too. Would really like a complete short block, but that's out of my reach for a little while.
  12. TransAmDan's Avatar
    Sound in the engine bay
  13. TransAmDan's Avatar
    Well off to America on sunday, hopefully can grab some parts. Email CompCams and WS6 Store to see if I can get things delivered in 6 days, well no answer back from either of them.

    If there is a chance I can get bits for the car I have brought a new packing case the length of the engine block, so can pick up a cam shaft or head gaskets.
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