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    Spend some time on this last night. I have modified the database to include a flag to say if the image is from an external source. What I need to do now is when creating the code to display the picture detect if its external, if so then write different HTML code for it.

    VBulletin has templates for each part of the website. So we need to insert an 'if' statement to decide what HTML code we need to implement.

    HTML Code:
    	<vb:if condition="$picture&#91;'hasthumbnail'&#93;">
    	   <vb:if condition="$picture&#91;'external_source'&#93; == 0">  --detect here if its a local image or remote.
    	<a href="album.php?{vb:raw session.sessionurl}albumid={vb:raw albuminfo.albumid}&amp;attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}"><img src="{vb:raw session.sessionurl}attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}&amp;thumb=1" alt="{vb:raw picture.caption}" title="{vb:raw picture.caption} from {vb:raw albuminfo.title}" border="0" {vb:raw picture.dimensions}/></a>
    <table width="120" height="60"><tr><td>{vb:raw picture.caption} from {vb:raw albuminfo.title}</td></tr></table>
    	   <vb:else />
                       -- code for remote image.	
    	<vb:else />
    		<a class="picture" href="album.php?{vb:raw session.sessionurl}albumid={vb:raw albuminfo.albumid}&amp;attachmentid={vb:raw picture.attachmentid}"><vb:if condition="$picture&#91;'caption_preview'&#93;">{vb:raw picture.caption_preview}<vb:else />{vb:rawphrase picture}</vb:if></a>
    	<vb:if condition="$show&#91;'moderation'&#93;"><span class="shade">{vb:rawphrase picture_moderated}</span></vb:if>
    The code didn't work, is it fetching from the database correct? The code above dosn't access the database directly, its done via some PHP code. I was hoping the

    would pull in the value from the database. Next to check the PHP it comes from. This is called Album.php.

    There is a fair few lines in there. This block fetches data from the database.
    	$pictures = $db->query_read("
    			a.attachmentid, a.userid, a.caption, a.dateline, a.state, a.filename, a.external_source,
    			fd.filesize, IF(fd.thumbnail_filesize > 0, 1, 0) AS hasthumbnail, fd.thumbnail_dateline, fd.thumbnail_width, fd.thumbnail_height
    		FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "attachment AS a
    		INNER JOIN " . TABLE_PREFIX . "filedata AS fd ON (fd.filedataid = a.filedataid)
    			a.contentid = $albuminfo[albumid]
    			a.contenttypeid = " . intval($contenttypeid) . "
    			" . ((!can_moderate(0, 'canmoderatepictures') AND $albuminfo['userid'] != $vbulletin->userinfo['userid']) ? "AND a.state = 'visible'" : "") . "
    		ORDER BY a.dateline DESC
    		LIMIT $start, $perpage
    So now $pictures contains the information from that database query.

    Each individual pictures is fetched from
    while ($picture = $db->fetch_array($pictures))

    So in the template code I would expect pictures.external_source to contain the data from the database. Something isn't working right.

    Perhaps time to find a forum to help me over this hurdle. The forum template code and php has some connection, perhaps there is a translation layer not passing the value on.
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    Okay I have generated some code which gathers all the image links from the html. I have some reusable code which searches and cuts out text, this is also use int he RSS feeds. Basically scraping data from web pages.

    This grabs image links from the google photo album and displays them on this website.

    After grabbing the image urls, adding "w1600-h1000-no" would dictate the size they are served. So thumbnails and full size use the same URL with just a different attribute.

    Next is to grab the title and add these to a database.
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    No roof rack on van then?????? should give up your day job sitting behind a desk and become a chippy no not the salt and vinger ones........
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    All got sorted in the end. Emptied the container into a skip, the skip got taken away, and then the crane got back and could lift it once it was freed from the ground by lifting up one end first. Its gone now.
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    move the white van in back ground get the forklift to lift end of container up as lorry craine is lifting it with it's chains ? just a thought as now there but having fun by the look of it.
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    So what happened?
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    Well off to America on sunday, hopefully can grab some parts. Email CompCams and WS6 Store to see if I can get things delivered in 6 days, well no answer back from either of them.

    If there is a chance I can get bits for the car I have brought a new packing case the length of the engine block, so can pick up a cam shaft or head gaskets.
    Updated 16-02-2017 at 15:50 by TransAmDan
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    Sound in the engine bay
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    Well been driving the Trans-Am to work a couple of times, the ticking noise is there, like a short push rod sound. Nothing to major. Well anyway, Really needed to take it a little further, took it to mothers, she really enjoys the sound of the Trans-Am and it may be the last time she hears it. Its worth risking further damage on the Trans-am just to know she has smiled when she heard it coming up the drive way.

    Got it home, the engine was up to temperature by this point. Ticking got a lot louder, still from the top end. Bent push rod/collapsed lifter or lobe missing of the cam shaft type sound.

    Time to get some parts on order, my main problem is spare funds. Really could do with new push rods, lifters, head gaskets and changing the pump at least. would like a new cam too. Would really like a complete short block, but that's out of my reach for a little while.
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    But in seriousness, the LS1 is quite common here as it's been used in many cars that were officially imported. So why not have the bottom end gone through and beefed up along with a small overbore by one of the specialist? Be a lot less than importing either a short or long block.

    Have you seen these?
    Crate Engine

    V8 Crate Engines &amp; Parts | Partsworld Performanc

    Partsworld is who I was going to use when I was building the Trans Am
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    How about ditching the LSx engines and dropping in a crate 572. Put a cowl induction hood on to clear the carb/FI throttle body and have instant 600+ HP with old school big block sound.
    I don't think the old 10bolt rear would last to long so that s60 would soon be on your shopping list.
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    I have a new oil pump to fit. Waiting for the warmer weather.

    Got my eye on a new short block, still LS1, but 383ci, all forged too. Its only funds that is stopping me on this.
    Lingenfelter LS1, LS6 383 CID Short Block Engine Assembly: Lingenfelter Performance Engineerin

    The reason for sticking with LS1, is that there will be no wiring change, even changing to LS2, which won't benefit capacity wise(over the 383Ls1) but would require some wiring changes, like a reluctor wheel having a different amount of teeth.

    But if I had the funds for the short block, then I could choose low compression, and bolt this baby on....
    LS1 Magna Charger TVS Supercharger Install - Chevy High Performanc
    Updated 20-01-2017 at 09:21 by TransAmDan
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    Did you order something?
    Maybe a nice Lingenfelter or Livernois crate motor?
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    Just got a rough quote of around $1200 to ship the complete short block over. Nice shiny forged internals 383ci. Its growing on me. An extra 600cc. So could be an extra 50hp ish. 489hp at the mo / 346 * 383. So around 541hp, and more tq.
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    All Chevy engines are great.

    Well I drove it to work today, last time ever at this workplace as we are moving early next year to a smaller office. It's a short journey, engine temp gets 1/4 of the way. So good oil pressure all the way, and the only engine noise that could be heard went parked up is something resembling an exhaust leak.
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    buy a create engine sorry great engine or do i mean a CRATE engine lol,
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    New rockers fitted, so running back on 8 again now.

    The bottom end has done well to last this long. On start up good oil pressure 40-50psi on idle. Once warm this bounces between 0 and 80psi, like pulses around every revolution on the engine. Some low end noises, which a mechanic had a listen and thinks it would be the main bearings. This seems to explain the noise and the oil pressure.

    So engine out job!.
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    Got more wood from Goodwillies. This is to finish off the outside. Wanting to box in the roof underneath, hiding the beams. Just really wanting it to look nice. Plug I needed some more to finish the sides and the door.

    The van floor is 3meters long, however the planks of wood were up to 4.8m. I took my battery circular saw, and cut them down to fit.

    Having to cut some fancy notches to avoid the beams.

    Now it tucks in above the window.

    Boxing in the roof beams, looks quite nice if I say so myself.
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