View Full Version : Anybody going to the USA?

saleen 192
27-09-2013, 13:00
Anybody going to the USA could you bring this beauty back with you
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27-09-2013, 13:46
mmm, actually looks quite tidy.

Import it, its easy enough to do :)

saleen 192
27-09-2013, 14:10
If i have the money and the space it would only be one car this
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27-09-2013, 14:16
How about the Saleen S7?

saleen 192
27-09-2013, 15:09
stop teasing me

27-09-2013, 15:13
Its nice isn't it. Twin turbo V8, looks the part. The shape must be 10 years old, but still looks modern and mean. Available to buy from the Saleen website...... mmmmm dribble....in true homer fashion...