View Full Version : Fuel lines for a 3rd Gen Camaro

27-03-2013, 15:42
Just noticed that the fuel lines on the camaro under the brake servo have corroded though. Does any one have some spare fuel lines. I think they are metal from the engine bay to the rear of the car.

saleen 192
27-03-2013, 16:21
Yes metal steel/ally lines (cheep) normal flaring tool might not flare ends and very tuff . buy pipwork anyone local that can flare ends for you??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
ps you ant going to get beast ready for wheels day????????????????????????????

27-03-2013, 17:34
Thanks for the info Darren.
I could have probably got the Trans-am done for wheels day, but would have been a rush, I wouldnt want to rush it so i will be doing it over the weekend if the weather warms up a bit. At least a part of my car will be at Wheels Day, the heads will be there :)