View Full Version : cherry bombs or similar wanted

matt 103
05-01-2013, 16:27
hi guys

i need 2 cherry bombs for bee poss with 2 and 3/4 inch outlets . happy to pay for them

shout me back



05-01-2013, 18:08
hi matt , i have a pair of cherry bombs 3 inch outlets , you can have them for free , i had them on my day van .

saleen 192
05-01-2013, 18:56
If minimanmarks don't fit try cliffords in brighton just of portland road in school road they have them in stock
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matt 103
05-01-2013, 19:03
thanks guys . thanks very much mark

06-01-2013, 16:44
Open header sounded pretty good though. I suppose you need to muffle it a bit for driving. :)

matt 103
06-01-2013, 18:12
yea your right she did sound good . just need it a little quieter

09-01-2013, 15:49
Sounds like you have some power in that car, it revved very quick, must have a special cam, and perhaps a lightweight flexplate. You are gonna have some fun in that. Looking forward to hearing it with the new exhaust system on it, hopefully you get it done at the weekend. I might pop up again.

matt 103
09-01-2013, 20:43
hope so not sure depends wat pete has planned . your welcome up any time