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saleen 192
31-01-2017, 17:36

Have a 69 chevy el camino with the passenger quarter window pivot point pin broken any ideas where to get a replacement ?
have tried ecklers don't list this part and various other chevy american stockests in the usa with no joy. weather it be a new crome frame or a complete quarter window panel unit don't mind have spoken to desert valley auto's have 2nd hand unit great not a bad price but 2nd morgage to ship over by bank transfer only,

31-01-2017, 21:28
Does it interchange with any other Chevy models? 1st gen Camaro for example?

saleen 192
31-01-2017, 21:44
Not that I have found yet qtr window might but the same pivot will be different or the inside locking catch again with be different ie 67-68 units are different .

31-01-2017, 22:39
Any chance a new part could be CNC'ed to get it working again?

01-02-2017, 10:23
Even back then Chevy had common parts bins across the models, I'd be really surprised to find another model didn't interchange. If you can find out what it would make sourcing the part easier. Maybe Impala?

Following on from Dans suggestion, how about someone offering a 3D printing service?

01-02-2017, 12:09
Also, check out El Camino Central Forum : Chevrolet El Camino Forums (http://www.elcaminocentral.com/forums.php??)

Maybe someone on there can ship without the markup of the suppliers.

saleen 192
01-02-2017, 16:53
Great ideas so far,
impala frame close but not close enough as previous said tried a number of differant places with no joy . npd,classicindustries andysclassic(was very helpfull but no joy) rockuto,summit,jegs, east coast restoration even found 1 right side that i wanted e.mailed seller again very helpfull put once the right angle picture came through it was total rotten in the area that i needed rest was fine shame it wasn't the other way round .

02-02-2017, 21:22
Hows the search going for the part? had any leads yet?

03-02-2017, 13:50
You could always pick up a Hollander Interchange manual to find alternative cars.
Or maybe try Hollanders web site?

28-02-2017, 23:37
Take wots left of old one to a fab shop get them to make a new one. Get them to make 4 and a half pairs the half side that you need sell the remaining 4 pairs on to recoup the cost

01-03-2017, 11:38
Thats a good idea. Especially as they are hard to get hold off. Someone will need them one day like Darren did.

saleen 192
01-03-2017, 14:06
Good idea chris that welsh air doing you the power of good,,