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  1. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Cameras replace mirrors
  2. Volkswagen"s new Euro Passat switches to MQB matrix
  3. Futurist Kurzweil discusses acceleration of intelligent technology
  4. New effort launched for better vehicle-to-grid integration
  5. Tesla and Panasonic expand cooperation on battery cells
  6. Next-generation infotainment system envisioned by Mitsubishi Electric
  7. Cybersecurity gets input from students, others
  8. Cetim, Momentive develop composite crashbox concept
  9. Next-generation LED drivers for front, rear lights
  10. Brushed motor pre-driver IC
  11. Industrial amplifier
  12. Testing Audi"s new e-booster reveals turbocharging"s future
  13. Air Catcher headlamp feeds 2015 Challenger SRT"s Hellcat V8
  14. Kia announces new interior features for 3rd-gen Sorento
  15. VW deploys MQB strategy on new Golf and GTI amid launch issues
  16. JLR sheds light on R&D projects in advanced HMI, automated driving
  17. From road to racecar: a five-door, front-wheel-drive SEAT
  18. New compact PEMS aims to plug the emissions-compliance gap
  19. Decoupling solutions for RWD and AWD
  20. Testing of low-friction seals
  21. AEB test equipment
  22. Electronic vision system
  23. Nissan"s new twin-turbo V6 powers 2016 Infiniti Q50
  24. 2016 Altair Enlighten Award adds new category to honor lightweighting efforts
  25. Measuring module with TEDS support
  26. CAN card for embedded data acquisition
  27. Ford pumps $4.5B into electrifying 40% of its global product line by 2020
  28. How Land Rover took the lid off the Evoque
  29. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: New 5-Star Safety Ratings coming
  30. SAE security guideline set to provide structure for connected vehicles
  31. Porsche and Bentley plan electric future
  32. China"s new "automotive dragons" Faraday and Baidu target EV, autonomous leadership
  33. Secondary loop and heat pump climate control under evaluation once more
  34. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Adding noise to electric cars
  35. GM Powertrain gets more proactive with CAE
  36. Citro n plans to go boldly on new suspension system
  37. Renesas increases its focus on platforms
  38. GT350 Mustang features novel composite structural component
  39. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Compact SUV boom
  40. Cyber security requires preparedness
  41. Low-friction techniques push advanced city-car project toward 84-mpg target
  42. 2016 Civic structure employs "first" partial in-die soft zones
  43. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Cameras replace mirrors
  44. Aluminum welding: The next frontier for technicians
  45. Fleet services in a competitive environment
  46. 2017 Cadillac XT5 debuts GM"s new lightweight crossover architecture
  47. Crash testing advances on many fronts
  48. JLR lightweight materials research blends flax, carbon fiber and cashew-nut oils
  49. New 40%-scale wind tunnel increases GM"s aero-development capacity
  50. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Touring an EV Battery Plant
  51. Motor driver IC for engines
  52. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Voice-activated commands study by AAA
  53. Challenger GT AWD Concept debuts at 2015 SEMA Show
  54. Cadillac CT6 debuts polyamide chassis "first"
  55. BorgWarner tech center adds testing muscle, engineering resources
  56. Drive me, paint me: Volvo accelerates its tech trajectory
  57. Fuel cell futures no longer a dream
  58. Concept car to production in six months fits 007"s timeline
  59. Domino"s tasty new pizza delivery vehicle designed by crowdsourcing, developed by Rou
  60. Piston ring coating for high-output GTDI engines
  61. Frictionless engine seals
  62. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: GM and LG develop new Bolt
  63. Power struggle produces eSupercharger
  64. Plug-in vehicles await better power electronics
  65. Delphi says 48-volt mild-hybrid systems could offer 15% CO2 reductions
  66. Valeo launches remote control defrosting
  67. Understanding the Importance of electrostatic discharge standards
  68. Johnson Controls, Faurecia envision interiors for autonomous driving
  69. Tenneco unveils emission-control solutions for Euro 6c
  70. Opel designs a new Astra
  71. Composites and economic success
  72. LED matrix manager IC for adaptive headlights
  73. Angular rate sensor
  74. Sports cars take center stage in Tokyo
  75. CMOS image sensor
  76. Magnetostrictive position sensors
  77. GM and TARDEC co-developing fuel cell powered Chevrolet Colorado for military evaluat
  78. New-generation Audi R8: the race driver"s view
  79. 2017 Lincoln MKZ gets exclusive 400-hp twin-turbo V6, torque-vectoring AWD
  80. 2017 Ford Escape gains major NVH, powertrain, connectivity upgrades
  81. Fiat 124 Spider returns after more than 30 years
  82. A "drag" no longer: New vision systems close to replacing exterior mirrors at no cost
  83. Bentley takes SUV to super premium level
  84. Cadillac fortifies CTS for V duty
  85. Schaeffler"s electric powertrain primed for FIA Formula E racing
  86. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: New super steels
  87. Porsche unveils new downsized, boosted 3.0-L boxer six
  88. Searching for V2V"s hidden data
  89. Can ads help in vehicle-to-vehicle rollout?
  90. Flexible, modular robo-EV
  91. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Ford Ranger may return to US
  92. 2016 Pentastar V6 adds new VVT, cooled EGR
  93. Custom wireless measurement
  94. Helium leak detectors
  95. Castrol"s removable oil cell heralds 90-s oil changes, reduced friction and CO2
  96. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Aluminum die casting revolution
  97. EDAG CEO discusses the innovative concepts behind the Light Cocoon
  98. Harman CTO discusses cutting edge HMI design
  99. Lighter, more powerful 3rd-gen Pilot debuts Honda"s NPD process
  100. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer maps out the future
  101. Suppliers struggling to keep pace with faster product cycles, says IHS
  102. GM and LG Corp. partnering for 2017 Bolt EV may create new development model
  103. Elektrobit, Nvidia, and Infineon team up to tackle safety systems
  104. Critical part transition services
  105. Engineering a 1000-mph car
  106. Visteon"s new CEO targets connected-car leadership
  107. New Astra is Opel-Vauxhall"s "no excuses" car
  108. BMW, Honda and Yamaha form Connected Motorcycle Consortium
  109. Can turning off the engine turn customers on?
  110. Seeing the safe way ahead
  111. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Gullwing doors on Tesla Model X
  112. ThyssenKrupp explores steel innovations
  113. Magna recognized by Mahindra for modular frame
  114. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: VW"s digital fraud
  115. LyondellBasell expands capabilities in India"s automotive plastics market
  116. Toyota chief talks trucks
  117. VW emissions scandal will impact future engine controls, testing
  118. Additive manufacturing startup added to Ford"s research roster
  119. Audi chooses high technology but cautious design evolution for new A4
  120. Jaguar"s making of a sports sedan
  121. Polycarbonate film grade
  122. Honda shows radical Project 2&4
  123. Cloud PLM solution
  124. Acoustical spray for improved NVH
  125. Volkswagen re-engineers Tiguan
  126. Nissan shows Gripz crossover concept
  127. PLM mobile strategy
  128. Millbrook"s latest sound advice to the auto industry
  129. BMW lightens 7 Series, but bulks up on tech
  130. Peugeot Fractal demonstrates a new take on sound design
  131. SsangYong takes on European challenge with Tivoli
  132. Audi all-electric concept to take on Tesla Model X
  133. Jaguar enters performance crossover SUV segment
  134. Honda"s all-new global 2016 Civic targets Mercedes refinement
  135. Mercedes" concept stresses connectivity, record-breaking aerodynamics
  136. Fatigue life analysis software
  137. Toyota gives a look at its re-engineered 2016 Prius
  138. Blizzard conditions test FCA"s 4WD and AWD vehicles
  139. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Mcity Testing Facility Unveiled
  140. V-Charging aims to add muscle to downsized engines
  141. Ford focuses on cameras
  142. Supercharging advances with clutches
  143. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: AT&T networking autos
  144. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: EGR"s benefits
  145. Compact high-shock 6DOF sensor
  146. Light-metal shot blasting
  147. Spot welding of non-ferrous metals
  148. Automakers vie for Le Mans with different solutions
  149. Styrolution targets interiors for styrenics growth
  150. Lighter Volvo XC90 is engineered for "premium cool"
  151. Comau enters the small-robot segment with Racer3
  152. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: ZF"s Smart Urban Vehicle concept
  153. Mercedes-Benz begins GLA production in India
  154. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Honda Pilot 5-star safety
  155. OEMs, China are targets of many Taiwanese manufacturers
  156. High-strength aluminum alloys
  157. Lubricants for cabin noise reduction
  158. EV charging station
  159. Acoustic engine layer
  160. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Active grille shutters
  161. Ford researches "intelligent" lighting systems
  162. Hyundai enhances NVH with 2016 Tucson"s re-engineered suspension including world
  163. Ford GT prototypes "run naked" in public-road testing phase
  164. Battling the high cost of EV batteries
  165. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: OEMs battle for digital maps
  166. Jaguar Design Director on the shape of things to come
  167. Haptic feedback is key to Continental"s new anti-distraction touch screen
  168. The Coming STEM Crisis" is already here
  169. Connectivity forces business model changes
  170. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Water injection returns
  171. Gaze-directed headlights could be on horizon
  172. Bosch developing new water-injection system for production engines
  173. Stability control boosts motorcycle safety
  174. Sound the alarm
  175. Accelerated testing of embedded software code leverages AUTOSAR and virtual validatio
  176. Controlling engines with virtual sensors
  177. Mitsubishi Electric shows new FLEXConnect technologies
  178. Road-surface modeling aims to support autonomous driving
  179. Cadillac ATS-V bulks up for track duty
  180. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Haptic feedback displays
  181. Jaguar turns marketing speak into engineering reality for XE
  182. Mitsubishi"s U.S. teams more involved with vehicle development
  183. Automotive Engineering partners with Altair, CAR to recognize lightweighting innovati
  184. Ford tests cylinder deactivation on its 1.0-L EcoBoost triple
  185. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Self parking for parking garages
  186. Software toolkit for HMI development
  187. 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is larger, longer, and sheds 250 lb
  188. Mitsubishi puts NVH in 2016 Outlander"s crosshairs
  189. Mercedes" new GLC represents a sportier focus
  190. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Camaro convertible top
  191. Faster, lighter: Lotus reveals its quickest road car yet
  192. JLR reveals some R&D secrets
  193. Ford expands split-view" camera applications in SUVs, trucks
  194. Low-thermal-expansion epoxy
  195. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Wireless feature upgrades in vehicles
  196. Futurist Kurzweil discusses acceleration of intelligent technology
  197. Top speed on Mars: 0.1 mph
  198. HMI"s simple challenge: control everything possible without any difficulty
  199. ExxonMobil predicts heavy reliance on petroleum
  200. With connectivity comes cyber security concerns
  201. GM prognostics use 4G for data acquisition, cloud analysis
  202. Continental"s Matschi: mobility is changing
  203. Increasing the pace of fuel-cell expansion
  204. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Honda"s U.S. engineering
  205. Two approaches to AWD show improved fuel economy, reduced system weight
  206. Most luxurious Range Rover introduced
  207. Road Rules, a San Francisco start-up, explores world of car APIs
  208. Honda enters burgeoning subcompact SUV fray
  209. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Vehicle development costs
  210. Unstoppable Formula-SAE team leader earns Rumbaugh Award
  211. Audi evolves the Miller cycle in its new 2.0-L spark-ignition engine
  212. Xerox eyes DSRC for vehicle infrastructure support
  213. Direct part marking replaces labels, saves supplier $1 million
  214. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Audi"s inductive charging e-tron
  215. Johnson Controls invests in LTU research lab
  216. 2016 Camaro: GM unleashes its lighter, faster Mustang competitor
  217. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Sensors on the Ford GT
  218. SAE and IEEE join forces to explore potential IoT standards
  219. Power connector system
  220. Digging deep for cyber security solutions
  221. Injecting a sense of urgency to clean up diesels
  222. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Mazda"s new Miata
  223. A bad algorithm: why champion racer lost at Monaco
  224. Growing natural tire rubber in North America
  225. Fiat demonstrates improved fuel efficiency with low-temperature liquid cooling loop
  226. Schaeffler developing novel powertrain for 2015/2016 FIA Formula E season
  227. Audi details piloted driving technology
  228. Cadillac"s 2016 CT6 is a body-engineering benchmark
  229. Cadillac pursues aluminum/steel mix for new CT6 luxury sedan
  230. The quest for the self-cleaning car
  231. Scion debuts iA and iM at New York
  232. Honda surprises with Civic Concept
  233. Mercedes-Benz replaces M-Class with GLE, adds plug-in hybrid
  234. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: New Malibu Hybrid
  235. Nissan"s Maxima has flowing sports car lines, upgraded 3.5-L V6 and CVT
  236. Cars look inside themselves
  237. Lexus sharpens best-selling RX for 2016
  238. McLaren debuts new entry-level Sports Series
  239. Smart collaboration results in new Fortwo
  240. 2016 Honda Civic targets Audi A3, drives new modular-engineering strategy
  241. New XF moves to Jaguar"s aluminum architecture
  242. Continental shows next-generation highly automated car
  243. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Cadillac vs. Lincoln
  244. 2016 Optima gets upgraded UVO
  245. Lanxess develops new modeling approach to simulated composites" cooling behavior
  246. Ohio State"s Bullet" EV has a short range, but could surpass 400 mph
  247. Halla Visteon expands HVAC production capability in India
  248. Shell Oil conference focuses on transportation alternatives
  249. SAE Eye on Engineering Quick Take: Inconel and aerospace alloys
  250. Simulation-driven design