Written by Vijay Pattni

Helluva race. As we noted from the last GP in Bahrain, to see only the headline news sells the race very short, because an unpredictable series of events befell the drivers at Shanghai. So, Daniel Ricciardo won, followed home by Valtteri Bottas and Kimi R ikk nen. The absence of Hamilton and Vettel on the top steps should tell you enough of what happened elsewhere. Vettel and Verstappen had a coming together that put Seb out of contention. Hamilton never had the pace. Verstappen did, but kept running into people. Danny Ric? He had the pace and the racecraft to make it all work. But his win a commanding one, following a series of daring overtakes and moves could have gone up in smoke, had it not been for a mere 30 seconds

Date written: 16 Apr 2018

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