Written by Vijay Pattni

Rolls-Royce has named its latest adventure after the largest diamond ever discovered by human hands. Ladies and gentlemen, the new high-sided car" from Rolls-Royce or SUV, in modern parlance will be called Cullinan". Not the biggest surprise, considering the entire RR SUV project was codenamed Cullinan, but that"s the point; a narrative fit for the original Cullinan Diamond"s discovery back in 1905. But we"ll come to that later because it"s a fascinating story. So, aside from the name, little else has been revealed that isn"t already in the public domain. Yes, Rolls-Royce is building an SUV get over it and is the company"s second car to sit on the all-new aluminium space frame platform. The first of course, is the brand new Phantom.

Date written: 13 Feb 2018

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