Written by Ollie Kew

Koenigsegg ended 2017 as maker of the fastest supercar on Earth, the 277mph Agera RS. And in a slightly less game-changing - but still laudable - achievement, it surpassed one million followers on Instagram. To celebrate, the speed merchants of Angelholm posted exactly what you"d expect a soft-focus slide show of all its speed run successes and meticulous carbon construction processes.Oh no, wait. That"s not right at all. In fact, Koenigsegg saw in 2018 - and said hello to its million Insta followers - by releasing a montage of Regera crash test footage set to a dubstep backing track. Never change, Koenigsegg. Never change.In the video (with music by US based producer Moth Circuit with Tandee), we see a brave Regera mule in unpainted carbo fibre, head-butting walls, bouncing over high kerbs, and even being bashed with hammers. And barely appearing to notice, frankly.

Date written: 4 Jan 2018

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