Written by Vijay Pattni

The makers of Gran Turismo Sport have announced a new in-game driving instructor. Said instructor will provide insight, tips and tuition to assist your digital driving ambitions.Who"s the instructor? A certain Lewis Hamilton. You know the one: quite handy, fond of dogs, multiple Formula One world champion"I have been playing Gran Turismo since I was a child, so to actually be part of the gameplay design has been an incredible experience," Hamilton said.He"s being touted as a Gran Turismo Sport Maestro", and you"ll be able to view his driving footage, his driving theories and episodes" where Lewis provides "valuable advice" to any player who wants to be as quick as him. Well, try to be as quick as him"From watching Lewis drive on TV all these years," explains Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, "I had an idea of how he might drive, but the experience of watching him drive in person was well beyond my wildest expectations."I"m glad to be able to share his driving philosophy with all Gran Turismo players," he added.Share this page: FacebookTwitterGoogle+WhatsAppMailtoCop y link

Date written: 12 Oct 2017

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