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Day two of the 75th Goodwood Members" Meeting certainly didn"t fail to deliver. Just think of a classic race car that you love and admire chances are, it"s been flung around Lord March"s front lawn over the weekend.And we definitely mean flung much of the joy of the Members" Meeting involves priceless examples of classic racers being fanged around the Goodwood circuit in a manner more befitting a 500 Civic.Predictably enough, not all of the priceless examples emerge unscathed from this kind of treatment. Notable casualties include the rather lovely McLaren F1 GTR, which, at the hands of Nick Mason (pictured next to it) was involved in a rather unfortunate altercation with a wall. Insert whichever Pink Floyd reference you feel like here.On a brighter note, check out a smattering of mostly uncontrollable American muscle belching smoke and spitting flames. There. That"s better, isn"t it?But the real highlight was the extraordinarily close, wheel-to-wheel racing on offer in any race series from Edwardian-era Darracqs and Delages to ex-Grand Prix cars the latter involving a oversteery overtake past Jim Clark"s old Lotus.So yes, the Goodwood Members" Meeting is exactly as cool as it looks. Day two is in this gallery here - click here for day one"s highlightsPhotography: Peter Aylward

Date written: 20 Mar 2017

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