Written by Patrick Rall

This week"s Drag Race Monday video comes to us from the Automotosprint CR YouTube channel and it features a quarter mile match between a C6 Corvette Z06 and a Shelby Cobra presumably a kit car. All of the information accompanying this video is in Czech, so we are relying on Google Translate, but it seems as though Automotosprint CR is a group which organizes drag racing events around the Czech Republic complete with timing systems. This gives those folks with high performance cars a chance to push their vehicles to the limits without doing so on public roads, while also giving them a chance to measure the performance of their cars.C6 Z06 vs 427 CobraUnfortunately, there are no details on either of these vehicles, but we know that the race is between a C6 Corvette Z06 and a Shelby Cobra powered by a 427 cubic inch V8. If stock, the Corvette makes around 505 horsepower while the output of the Cobra is completely unknown, as with kit car builds, the sky is the limit. We do know that the Shelby roadster is very light, so it doesn"t need as much power to blast down the drag strip.The video begins with the Z06 doing a massive burnout while the Cobra just seems to casually coast up to the starting line. With smoke still pouring from the back of the C6, the green light drops and both cars rip away from the Christmas tree. The Corvette hops out to an early lead and appears to have the lead until the cars are too far off into the distance to really see who is ahead.Fortunately, there is also a camera at the finish line, showing the Corvette Z06 cross the line 4-5 car-lengths ahead of the big block Cobra.In the end, the Corvette ran an 11.848 at 124 miles per hour while the 427 Cobra ran an 11.861 at 111 miles per hour, so the Z06 got out better and was pulling away on the big end.Tags: c6, Corvette, drag race monday, LS7, Z06

Date written: December 7, 2017

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