The American Dream, Poole Quay

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[QUOTE=creekmoorchris;2396]OK here it is, hot off the presses .... The American Dream will be staged at Poole Quay on Friday 27th August 2010.

Usual things apply, no parking on the Quay until the road is closed at 6pm. The quay then needs to be cleared for 9pm.

All vehicles must be road legal and drivers have the appropriate licences.

Any vehicle larger than a 1050's Caddy or new Day Van please call Anne at Poole Tourism on 01202 262 537.

Usual meeting points, if you wnat, will be at:

McDonalds at Wessex Gate, just off the Holes Bay Relief Road, leaving at 5.50. A slow cruise gets you onto the Quay for 6pm.

Baiter Car Park, the first one with the slip way, leave at 5.50, again to get to the Quay at about 6pm.[/QUOTE]
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