• American Dream - Poole Quay 2016

    Poole Quay hosts a unique, themed car event every Friday evening from July to August from 6pm to 9pm, putting a great selection of popular cars in the spotlight.

    American Dream Poole Quay was on August 26th 2016

    The event offers free entry onto the quayside for the car owners who fit the theme for American Vehicles. With a stunning backdrop of the Quay and Poole Harbour it is the perfect location for owners to show off their vehicles.

    Vehicles are requested not to arrive before 6pm as the road is not closed until this time and there is no parking available; also please avoid waiting up the high street as this causes traffic congestion. Parking is therefore on a 'first come, first served' basis, the site capacity is 100-120 vehicles, after that on a 'one in one out' system.

    Renegades met at Rownhams for a drive down at 2pm. However as its a work day we don't expect many to go along. It took almost two hours to drive from Rownhams to Poole just soo much traffic on the road. We park up near by grab a bite to eat then nearer 6pm we get the cars to drive onto the Quay. Great selection of cars, sun was shining.

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