• Events

    Port Solent Car Meet

    On 27th May 2018

    Classic & American Vehicles at Port Solent, 2nd and Last Sunday of the month.[URL="http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/content/459-port-solent-car-meet.html"] http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/content/459-port-solent-car-meet.html[/URL]

    Brooklands Mopar Muscle Day

    On 27th May 2018


    Petersfield Spring Festival

    On 27th May 2018

    The Solent Renegades are invited to put on a show of cars for the Bank Holiday weekend Sunday. We will be meeting at Morrison in Horndean to leave at 9.15am and cruise together and pick up others along the way. [URL]http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/club-nights-club-gatherings/30288-petersfield-spring-festival-sunday-may-27th-2018-a.html#post78369[/URL]

    BOSS- Performance/Classic Car Meet & Tunnel Run

    On 28th May 2018

    BOSS Cars UK is holding a Performance/Classic Car Meet & Tunnel Run in Guildford Spectrum from 7-10pm. (Car park closes at 10:30pm) At 10pm on the dot everyone is to leave together and head over to hindhead tunnel and join one of the largest Tunnel Runs Surrey has ever seen. [URL]http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/general-discussion/29447-boss-performance-classic-car-meet-tunnel-run-may-28th-2018-a.html#post76808[/URL]

  • Courier Insurance cover

    Have you seen an increase in the number of regular cars being used for things such as take away deliveries such as pizza? I often wonder if they have been insured correctly or if the drivers are putting themselves at an unnecessary risk. Many people don’t realise that if they are driving their vehicle for work purposes, regular car insurance usually doesn’t cover you meaning your car insurance is invalidated.

    It’s not just take away drivers, many people across the country take on full and part-time roles as couriers to make extra cash at Christmas time. You will see them making deliveries to houses and work places, delivering Christmas gifts for the online shoppers but again, like the take away drivers, many of these couriers fail to find the correct insurances and often leave themselves at risk.

    According to studies, Bradford in Yorkshire is the uninsured motor capitol of Britain where 49.5% of motorists were found with incorrect or no insurance at all. There are 1.7 million people across the UK who could be driving uninsured according to a study from the Motor Insurance Bureau. In close second to Bradford’s BD3 postcode is Manchester’s M12 postcode in Gorton, closely followed by Birmingham’s B21 and B10 postcodes and Bradford’s BD8 all of which, it is estimated, have 40% of drivers on the road with the incorrect insurances.

    Driving without insurance is a serious offense that can lead to drivers being issues with a fixed penalty notice requiring payment of £200 and 6 penalty points on their license or they could be faced with a court appearance. Those with court appearances can expect fines of up to £5,000 as well as 6 to 8 points or, in the worst case, a driving ban.

    There are insurance providers who can help you with cover if you drive as part of your job including those who require Courier Insurance. If you require specialist cover like this its best you read their websites and call to speak to their advisors to ensure that you get the right cover.

    Of course, insurance for couriers such as goods in transit, or even hire and reward is often more expensive than standard car insurance, however, the consequences as someone who drives as part of their job, could prove detrimental and even see you lose your job.