• Renegades Start of Season Show 2016

    This year the start of season show fell on Sunday 17th April 2016. The event is at the Farmhouse Pub, off the eastern Road, Portsmouth. The renegades do two shows a year at the Farmhouse. The one last year saw almost 200 vehicles, Renegades Start of season Show 2015, this year we had 129 cars.

    The show was free entry for vehicles and public. Just bring along your American or Classic vehicles to show at the event. Arrive from 10am onwards.

    The show will be followed by the first Southsea Cruise of the year.

    Location:- T
    he Farmhouse, Burrfields Rd, Hampshire PO3 5HH, Map>>

    Photos from Start of Season Show 2016
    the show was followed by the first Southsea Cruise of the year, and what a cracking turn out that was too. A few photos from Jennie, Southsea Cruise April 2016
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    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Flyers will be ready tomorrow. Would have been nice before wheels day however I'm sure we can distribute enough and use of facebook to get a good number of cars for our show.
      Remember if you have any prizes for the raffle then bring them along on the day or the club night before.
    1. Sandi's Avatar
      Sandi -
      Attachment 65036Start of The Raffle Prizes for the Start Of Season Show. 17th April The Farmhouse Burfields Rd Portsmouth 😊😊
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Brilliant, looking like a great pile of prizes there. Thanks for sorting this out, much appreciated.
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Tomorrow will soon be upon us, fingers crossed for good weather, and hopefully a good show turnout.

      We are all set and raring to go. The car is packed up with traffic cones, gazebo, banners, leaflets, hi-vi's .... Only room for me left.
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Wow, what a brilliant day. Just got in. Got down there for 8am. 129 cars came in I believe. Sun was shining. Cruise was awesome too, not sure of numbers but likely around 50.
      Just sat down and put my feet up with a cold drink. Starting to get relaxed, need to pack ready for my trip to Ireland tomorrow.
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Raised quite a bit this year on the raffle. Loads of great prizes this year.

      Message from Malcolm Drew of the Mad Hatters charity.
      Thank you so much to everybody who bought a raffle ticket this afternoon. The proceeds from the raffle raised a magnificent total of £427.00 which has been donated to the Mad Hatters Party.
      It is a registered charity which supports children with cancer or life limiting illnesses and provide gifts and equipment for children's wards in Portsmouth and Southampton.
      For further information our website is Mad Hatters Party - Hom
    1. AmericanThunder's Avatar
      AmericanThunder -
      Sounds like a great day.
      Hopefully we'll catch up soon.
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Yes I'm sure we will.
    1. Neo53's Avatar
      Neo53 -
      Wow!! Raffle took the cake on earnings for Mad Hatters, I'm so tickled pink right now!

      Now to find out how much the donation buckets made....

      Great show, guys! And thank you Mother Nature for the lovely day, too!
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Thanks Neo. The total was including the buckets too. A very good total. I think that is the most we have ever raised at a show. couldn't believe the weather. I caught the sun. I probably won't see much sun in Ireland, so I'm glad I had a good dose yesterday.
    1. chris68coupe's Avatar
      chris68coupe -
      great pics as usual Sarah, well done!
    1. saleen 192's Avatar
      saleen 192 -
      Good turn out thanks posting,
    1. an88fiero's Avatar
      an88fiero -
      Nice pics - I don't see a Camaro though ....................
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Quote Originally Posted by an88fiero View Post
      Nice pics - I don't see a Camaro though ....................
      No didn't quite make it, ran out of time, suspect fuel pump/relay, needs investigating.
    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Finally unpacked the Trans-am from the season opener.
      Popped ionto wok to take back the 5 traffic cones.
      Still had all this in the car....
      Attachment 66224
      Attachment 66225
      Gazebo, sand bags, box for the gazebo cover, banner and other show related stuff.