• Alton Heralds Classic Car Show 2015

    An annual event put on the the Alton Herald, there have a couple of show a year. This one was on the 26th September 2015. The Solent Renegades met at Wickham square to leave at 8.15am, we had a good amount of cars, and left on time. A couple more of our club met us along the way. It was a great start to a good day. We all stayed together thought the whole convoy. Arrived at Alton in good time, and marshals were there to help everyone park up.

    We set up out banner flags and then registered our vehicles at the Herald office, also met Gill in the office, we had email contact before the day with sending Renegades logo's and links for some photos albums of our vehicles.

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    Very pleased to see some of our vehicles made it into the magazine, along with the club logo. a full page of cars. Brilliant!!!

    Most of the club then went over the Weatherspoons pub for breakfast. As we couldn't take Mutley the dog in there we had breakfast out side, after all the food came out one of the worker in the pub said we weren't allowed the dog in the front garden area either. We should have gone Poppings, we will remember this next year. After breakfast we took a wander around all the cars. What a great turn out of all sorts of vehicles, even a glider plane was parked up, many gliders were flying over head, so perhaps a promotional plane.

    At around 12:30 myself and Malc had to reports tot he microphone chap, they gave us an interview, this was great. I done a bit of chatting about where the club started and dubiously plugged our shows. Malc also chatted about his car. It was nerve racking to start with but once you get into it you don't think you are chatting to many people.

    At 3pm, the trophies were being presented, and the car that won beat American was one of our club members, Paul Sullivan with his Bullet 1967 ford Mustang, well done Paul l!!.
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      an88fiero -
      Wow - sounds like a great day all round
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      chris68coupe -
      Good day out today, I love these street shows, so much more to see than a field off a motorway junction. Well done to Paul for winning best Amemrican carr award.