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    Manhood Classic Car Enthusiasts Summer Show 2018

    On 18th Aug 2018

    Manhood classics Annual Summer Show Selsey. Meet at Little Chef A27 Shell services to leave at 9:15am [URL]http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/shows-and-cruises/31009-manhood-classics-summer-show-18th-aug-2018-a.html#post79934[/URL]

    Camberley Car Show

    On 18th Aug 2018


    Waterlooville Summer Fete

    On 19th Aug 2018

    Jubilee Park, off Milton road Waterlooville. A good event last year. Meeting at Asda Waterlooville car park near the petrol forecourt to leave at 9:45am to cruise to Jubilee Park [URL]http://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/shows-and-cruises/30849-waterlooville-summer-fete-19th-august-2018-a.html#post79582[/URL]

    Clock Tower Classics

    On 19th Aug 2018


  • Self-Driving Cars Can Be Fooled By Fake Signals

    Self-Driving Cars Can Be Fooled By Fake Signals

    Self-Driving Cars Can Be Fooled By Fake Signals
    You would have thought that self-driving cars would be most vulnerable to remote hacks, but the biggest danger may come from someone nearby with a handful of cheap electronics. Security researcher Jonathan Petit determined that anybody can fool LIDAR (the laser ranging common on autonomous vehicles) by sending echoes of fake cars and other objects via laser pulses. All you need is a low-power laser, a basic computing device (an Arduino kit or Raspberry Pi is enough) and the right timing – you do not even need good aim. Jonathan Petit managed to spoof objects from over 100m away in his proof-of-concept attack, and he notes that it is possible to present multiple copies of these imaginary objects or make them move. In other words, it would only take one prankster to make a self-driving car swerve or stop to avoid a non-existent threat.

    There is no guarantee that this will be a major issue if and when self-driving cars become driven more. Petit's technique only works so long as LIDAR units' pulses aren't encrypted or otherwise obscured. While that is true of many commercial systems at the moment, it's possible that production-ready vehicles will lock things down. Still, this is a not-so-friendly reminder that car makers have a lot of work ahead of them if they are going to secure their robotic rides.
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    1. TransAmDan's Avatar
      TransAmDan -
      Don't need any fancy technology for new cars coming out, they automatically stop when they detect something in front of them. So if you know the car has this equipt, just cross the road. I'm sure loads of teenagers will be doing this in run down areas as they know the car will stop and they will play and torment the driver.
    1. renchero's Avatar
      renchero -
      don't see the point of a self driving car and who gets the blame when they crash